How to Get a Backpack Zipper Unstuck

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The zipper is one of the greatest inventions that men came up with for keeping all your things closed and secure. However, when you are in a rush zipper can mess a lot of things up by getting stuck. Once it gets stuck a lot of time gets wasted behind trying to open that up to bring out something very important. So, you need to learn how to get a backpack zipper unstuck.

If you are ignorant about it, you might never know when you get into trouble for not being able to take out any important object at some specific moment. Such as getting drenched in the rain because of not taking out the umbrella at the right time as the zipper of your bag got stuck. So all of these issues can be solved if you read this entire guide.

The guide will enlighten you about why zippers get stuck, some important ways to learn how to fix a stuck zipper and stop the zipper from catching the fabric. So, let is not blabber anymore and have a look at all the details for finding out the solution to fix a backpack zipper.

Reasons why backpack zippers get stuck:

By nature, zippers are one of the delicate parts of the backpack. The backpack might be made up of strong and very durable materials that do not get worn out easily. They might also come with very strong and reliable zippers yet they will still have issues of getting stuck.

Zippers consist of a series of teeth that interlock with each. It comes with a slider that is pulled up or down to unlock the zipper or to either lock them up. Even if it might seem very easy and convenient to open and close zippers situations are causing a lot of hassles.

Some of the reasons for zipper getting stuck are as follows:

  • Most of the time, zippers get stuck due to very poor manufacturing of it. High-quality backpacks do come with well-manufactured zippers that don’t have malfunctions.
  • The next cause of zipper getting stuck is when you try to stuff in a lot of things inside the backpack, more than what can fit in. Trying to forcefully close the zipper can ruin the quality of the aligned teeth so they eventually start getting stuck the next time when you use.
  • Excess buildup of dirt in between the aligned teeth also results in various problems with trying to close or open the zipper. They get stuck and sometimes also results in fabric to get stuck inside them.

Ways about how to fix a zipper that is stuck:

When your zipper gets stuck, getting crazy and trying to rip off the zipper to open up your backpack is not at all the solution. Keeping your head calm to detect what is the issue and to find out the right solution is the key to get things solved. We have listed down some problems that cause zippers to get stuck and the relatable solutions that you can apply.

1. Snagged zippers:

If you see that your zipper caught some surrounding fabric within the aligned teeth, all you have to do is try gently to reverse the slider. The more you try reversing the slider gently with patience the less any damage to be caused to the aligned teeth of the zipper.

To add more, try holding the fabric caught in between the teeth to either the left or the right side to help for releasing it from the trap while you are slowly reversing the slider.

2. Dirt trapped between the aligned teeth:

If you can’t find any suitable reason why your backpack is stuck, the most obvious reason might be because of the buildup of dirt that is within the slider. Try blowing away the dirt and any loose particles trapped within the teeth, this may solve the problem.

And then try moving the slider, and if you notice any sort of straining you stop right at that moment. The next thing that you want to try is to wet the zipper area and jiggle it to help release the trapped dirt from the aligned teeth.

3. Stuck for no reason:

If there is no fabric trapped in between or no dirt as well, then it is your zipper that is faulty. The slider might have some issues that need to be fixed by doing something else. You might try to lubricate the alignment of teeth on both sides to help in moving the slider to glide on smoothly. Once you see that your zipper is free, clean the oil. As oil can result in catching on more dirt making things worse.

Other than that, if you see nothing works, don’t break open the zipper right then. If you are in the middle of a hike that is a completely wrong thing to do as many important things might fall off from your backpack when you are moving.

So in such situations, open a compartment that has a zipper working properly. Then cut through the internal cloth of that compartment so that you can have access to the next compartment whose zipper is stuck. This gives you time to finish your hike without any hurdles or issues. Then you can decide what you want to do with the stuck zipper after you reach home.

Good quality backpacks are expensive and just throwing an entire backpack for one stuck zipper does not seem cost-effective. The best thing you can do is just find a local company and ask them to replace the zipper for you.

Some important ways to avoid your backpack zipper getting stuck:

Other than just knowing solutions to how to get a zipper unstuck, why not follow some ways so that it never happens? So we have listed down some important ways that you need to follow so something so annoying like this does not happen in the middle when you are doing something very important. So have a look!

  1. Plan things properly to know what are the necessary things that you need to carry with you. Don’t just fill in your backpack with too many things and try to squeeze them in when they don’t fit. Doing this will not only make your backpack heavy but will also strain the zipper and deteriorate the lifetime of it.
  2. Open the entire zipper when you are willing to put stuff inside your backpack. You might think that you just have to keep in very small stuff inside the backpack. However, if the opening is not large enough, the thing might rub against the teeth of the zipper causing the alignment to get disrupted. It will increase the chance of the zipper getting stuck in the future.
  3. Never force to try to open a zipper. If you see that you are not being able to open up with slightest pressure wait for a while and try later. If still does not work find out what is the issue and then act accordingly as we have mentioned above.
  4. After every hike that you complete successfully make sure that you clean your zipper and the backpack. Give your backpack a proper shake so all the dry dust and everything else comes out. Do proper cleaning of the zipper according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  5. Whenever you are willing to purchase a backpack make sure that you check the quality of the zipper. Check how smoothly the sliders glide and what are the teeth of the zipper made up of. are they strong enough to not get easily deformed? Are they prone to getting rusted or disrupted easily? Ask the manufacturer online about all the necessary details.
  6. Always be patient enough and go easy when you are using the slider of your zipper. Being harsh on your zipper or applying a lot of pressure to the zipper can result in the aligned teeth getting worn out too quickly and also the alignment to get disrupted.

Final verdicts:

To sum up, with this article we have tried to enlighten you with all the best ways to help you figure out how to get a backpack zipper unstuck. Other than just letting you know about these ways; we have ensured that you know about some immensely important tips that will ensure such annoying situations where your zipper is stuck does not arrive.

Working with patience and detecting where the problem is will help you save your backpack. You will no longer need to throw away another very good backpack if you patiently try to solve the problem and get the zipper unstuck.

Always make sure that you don’t fill in your backpack with too many things that result in the zipper to get stuck because of the alignment of the zipper getting disrupted. If anything goes wrong with the alignment of the teeth of a zipper, things will only worsen.


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