How to Live in a Tent Long Term?

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Human life in the postmodern era is getting busier to the busiest. But people always tend to aside themselves from the busy world and want to enjoy life with nature and with only themselves. Camping is definitely the best idea for that. But some people are so fed up with the social and busy life, they want to continue living in the tent in a distant place.

Mostly, young people want to see the primitivity of nature and want to get introduced to the world by themselves apart from society. And then they plan to live in a tent for a long time. But the first confusion they face is about how to live in a tent long term.

Well, the possibility of living in a tent for long basically depends on some essential issues including:

  • Legality and security
  • Your courage and experience
  • Your will of exploration
  • Your skill to take of things alone

The first option is not on your hand but you can handle the rest three on your own. Now, you have to learn something essential to make your move easier. Well, today I am here to give you a complete guide to stay in a tent for a long time. I will try to provide essential tips and preparation hacks. Keep reading and I promise you will thank me now or later for some lifesaving long-term camping hacks.


Can You Live in a Tent Legally?

Unfortunately, the issue of legalization is pretty much complicated because of the variations of rules. I cannot particularly give you an exact hint if you can live in a tent on your nearby Camping spot as I don’t have an idea exactly where you are from. But I can help you to know it by yourself.

Well, there are lots of man-made Camping spots that require money for camping. In a word, they provide the spot as a ledge to you. So, if you plan to stay there for long, probably they won’t offer you a chance as they have regular business with many people.

Now, let’s talk about natural camping spots like forests, deserts, mountains, etc. If this place is not under the state’s inspection, you may not have to get a certificate of legal permission to stay there for long. You can initially camp anywhere in the place. But as a citizen of a state, you have to get permission from the state office for a long-term camping mission.

Generally, the state officials won’t give you permission to do so if the place is not secure or out of their range. But they can approve your application if it’s a secure place and there is no life-threatening issue.


Why Should You Live in a Tent for Long?

Before going to the extensive points on how you can live in a tent for long, I feel the essence of motivating you with the basic advantages of living in a tent for long.

  • Saving Money

If you consider the most beneficial part of living in a tent for a long time, it is cost-effective. When you are living in a flat it will cost you much higher. In fact, you have to pay for a lot of other accommodation.

Even if you are traveling, the rent of a hotel room is not always penny-saving. Whereas a tent lets you save your electricity bills and meal cost as well.

  • Connection with Nature

Probably the best way to enjoy nature is by living in a tent. You get to enjoy sunrises, sunsets, starry nights, and fresh air. You can finally stay away from the pollution.

You can get lost in the scenic beauty of surrounding nature. It is helpful for your mental peace and it will reduce stress in your everyday life. You will feel the spiritual connection with nature.

  • Convenient

With a perfect tent, you can get all the accommodations altogether in it. In addition, you can take all the necessary baggage as per your need. There are no bindings of what to take and not.

Again, setting up a tent is easier and doesn’t take much time. You don’t need much equipment for that. Also, it offers almost the same facilities as a home.

  • Develop Mobility

Now you can carry your home with you. You can have the experience of living your life in different places. Besides, you can get rid of confined apartment living in this way.

As it is easy to carry anywhere, you will get rid of a bunch of hassles. All you have to do is pack up and you are good to go. You can quickly move from one place to another.

  • Flexible

During your trip, you can enjoy this facility up to the highest levels. Your quick tour plans are easy to make possible. You can go to any place you wish, without worrying about where to live.

Moreover, there is no limitation of time like a rented hotel. You can stay as long as you want. You can travel in your own way and you can take a rest along the way too.

  • Simplicity

Living in a tent permanently makes your life as simple as possible. No unnecessary things take up your attention. You can make memories instead. You will learn the value of basics.

Within a minimal space, you can learn to live to the fullest of your life. You can set yourself free from all the complexities. After all, happy life does not need much.


Things to Check Out Before Starting Living in a Tent

Here, you start learning the ways to continue living in a tent. First and foremost, I like to mention the preparation steps that you have to handle before starting living in your dream tent for a long.

  • Selecting Location

The first thing to consider is the location of the campsite. It’s better to choose one that is located within an hour’s drive away from the central town or the urban area.

The next thing to look for is medical facilities. For a tension-free good night sleep book any location that is nearby (within 15-25 KM) any medical clinic or hospital. I suggest you choose one within any national park.

  • Duration of Living

Here is another fact You cannot just let go not thinking about it. Before starting to live in a tent, you have to figure out how long you would love to live in the tent. Then prepare according to duration.

Some adventurous people love to spend a few months in a year and get back to their homeland in the winter. Again, some adventurous soul spends a whole year or more living in a tent.

  • Selecting the Right tent

Choosing the right tent for long-term living is not so hard. You have to choose a tent considering 2 facts – how long you are going to stay and how the climate is. It’s always better to choose a heavyweight one of durable construction. If it is extremely cold then choose a thick tent that will protect you from all types of climate abuse.

  • Tent Setup

Setting up the tent is the most crucial part. You have to keep in mind a few things and work according to them. Here I am shortly explaining the steps.

You have to start it by searching for a good spot on the campsite and it should be comparatively higher than the ground. Then you have to cover the ground with a few layers of sheets. Now it’s time to fix the peg and gather stones and bury it under the ground. If necessary, you have to use fly sheets over the tent or place them on the sides. To make your tent more comfortable lay down a soft yet thick blanket. It will be enough to get a warm feel.

  • Taking Care of Your stuff in the Apartment

If you are going for a long-term camping trip, it is very essential for you to securely keep your belongings and the place you are living recently. Maybe it’s your apartment or home. However, make sure that your absence won’t make any problems at your place.

  • Alone or Together

“A lonely adventure” seems interesting but it actually isn’t so much interesting when it turns into a long-term process. So, better find a companion in your tent adventure. Remember, there will be no social connections of the internet to pass time.

If you start alone and later on feel disappointed then find a friend of your same thought to share your goals and ideas. You can go with your parents, siblings, wife or children as well.

  • Food Source

The urban area is long away from your tent and it will be difficult to drive there to get food. So, what is the solution? Very simple, follow the survival way of your forefathers.

Learn the proper way of fishing, hunting, and the way to forge for fresh foods. It will be a great way to enjoy your tent life even more than before.

Once you are sure about these issues, you have to learn the hacks to live comfortably in the tent. Check out the next section and I will share all my experiences with you.


How to Live in a Tent Long term

When you are planning to camp for a month or even for a year, you have to be courageous as I said in the beginning. Then you have to be skillful to take care of things by yourself. I can help you with some essential tips that can possibly help you handle some basic issues. Besides, your packing is the most complicated fact that you have to do with complete preparation. Well, let’s see what other facts to remember as well.

  • Stay Hygiene

One of the most important things in a long time camp stay is maintaining personal hygiene. Yes, keeping your tent and the nearby area is necessary but more importantly you need to keep yourself clean. If you don’t stay clean and skip regular baths and brush, you will get sick in no time.

You surely don’t want to get sick in a situation like that. You have to stay in the best way possible to enjoy your permanent camping state. No matter whether you stay there for the year as regular or just a quarter to stay alone from the hectic life, you must follow hygiene.

Always keep a supply of wet wipes, tissue, clean water, and extra clothes. Try to boil the water before using it. Moreover, you can collect the rainwater if that goes into your condition. You should try to make your long-term camp near a river, lake, or anything that ensures your water supply.

  • Clean Clothing

As you are thinking of staying in a camp for a long time, you should consider the limited space you will get in the camp. This also depends on the tent size but choosing the right type of clothing is certain, no matter the camp size. You should go for quality clothes instead of the outlook. Clothes that are easy to clean and offer comfort are best suited for campers.

You must not pack a ton of clothes. You should look for the purpose and use case when buying any clothes. Such as a set of wearables for manual, another for cooking, a set or two for bed, a couple of warm clothes for winter, etc. Maintaining the clothes is a mandatory part and for that, you must ensure a good source of water.

You should clean your clothes regularly and for that, any clean source of water will work. In winter, you can hold the clothes near the campfire to warm them up which will also dry them up quickly.

  • Protect Your Stuff

Living in a camp or tent house is never as safe as living in a house. But this does not mean you are getting robbed just like that without taking any precautions. While you and your partners stay in the camp, it is less likely to be inflicted by thieving. You have to take some measures for the time when you and your mate will be away from the camp.

You can keep your valuable things in a locker or a secured box which you can keep under the tent. Another way is to keep the box containing valuable things on a strong tree or keep that in your RV or car if you have one. Keeping on a tree is a smart way and thieves are less likely to find that anyway let alone exposing themselves for taking extra risk.

  • Comfort Sleep

Make sure to keep a camping cot, air mattress, sleeping pad, pillow, and blanket with you. You need sleep to stay healthy and safe. You should check if all these bedding accessories are in good condition and will last long. Remember you are not going for a week and if anything is broken, you cannot get another one to use.

  • Water Purification

It is another important fact you cannot avoid anyway. Did you plan for any water purification system? You can carry a manual portable filter with you. As you will stay there for a long, you must cook by yourself. Then you can boil the water and again filter it to destroy all the bacteria and other substances. Well, don’t forget to carry a big bucket that you can use to boil water.

  • Cooking

Most of the time, people choose a forest to start camping for long. Just jeep sufficient lighters so that you can make fire easily. From the forest, you can collect wood and dry leaf. If you have all the necessary cooking gear, it won’t be a problem at all.

  • Clean Tent

When you are using the tent as your home, you have to keep it clean and hygienic. It’s now even a part of your life and so, it’s important to clean the tent. Try to clean it at least twice a month. Just fix a sunny day to clean the tent. It will help the tent dry out so quickly.

  • Keep a Communication Medium

You don’t know when and where a dangerous situation will appear. Security is the first priority and so, you should have media that you can use to communicate with at least a rescue team. You can carry a battery process walkie-talkie and don’t forget to have some extra batteries.

Besides, you have to ensure that you will have a proper toilet and shower facility in the place. Aside from that, you have to carry all your essential medicine, emergency accessories, and alternatives to try when it’s raining or snowing.


Final Words

Before saying goodbye, I like to wish you the best of luck in your difficult yet aesthetic decision. At the same time, I need to warn you about the mighty wildlife that may not be forgiving all the time. Your simple mistakes can make you suffer in the wilderness of nature. So, make sure that you are quite experienced in camping and the spot is completely secure. Your life is the first priority over anything and doesn’t ever forget it. Thank you for your time.