How to Make a Portable Shower for Camping

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Enjoying a comfortable shower at the campsite is the most challenging job, I think. If you know how to make a portable shower for camping, things won’t seem to be that much problematic as you usually think.

A day without having a shower is not my day at all. And when it is a camp day, I cannot stay long without having a warm shower. So, I always think of making my own shower at the campsite.

Well, I have talked with many camping experts about this fact and already learned a few interesting ways to make my own shower at the campsite. I already tried some of them and found them effective.

And last night one of my friends, who was preparing her first camping trip, asked me the same question about having a shower in the camp. Right, that moment I felt like sharing all those effective ideas with you.

So, today I come back with another discussion full of tricks to make your own portable shower for the campsite. Let’s see the ways in short.


Instructions for Making a Portable Shower

First, let me remember that you can use different types of shower alternatives at your campsite. You can easily get them in the market. But you have to make your own shower when you cannot do so.

Making your own shower is easy only if you have enough equipment and tools for that. Some of the equipment and tools are like the must for the DIY shower.

You may not find all the things on your campsite. That’s why I prefer making your shower at home and carry it with you to the campsite. Let’s see what are the things you need for your DIY shower.


Necessary Equipment for Making a Portable Camping Shower

You will need the following tools and as much as I found while making my own shower, you cannot skip a single one from the listed things.

  • A water jug with 9 to 12 liters water capacity.
  • A garden water-can that will fit the jug perfectly.
  • A poly rope with a length of more than 12 feet.
  • Gorilla Tape.
  • Chain shackle and shackle link.
  • Glue stick and a glue gun.
  • Superglue or Krazy glue.
  • Few pieces of long match sticks.
  • Pliers and scissors.
  • A light or torch.


5 Easy Steps to Make a Portable Shower for Camping

As soon as you gather all the listed things you need step by step instructions to make your own shower. Keep your eyes close to the step by step instructions here.

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is to tie up the jug using the rope. Starting from the handle, you have to tie it up to the mouth of the bottle.

You can tie it up with a square knot or reef knot. This part is essential to increase stability. At the same time, you can hang it up perfectly with a higher place when to use it.

Step 2

Now, it’s time to fit the garden can with the jug. If you have a common liquid container, the can will easily fit with that.

For that, you have to remove the spout from the garden watering can. You have to remove the spout of the water jug too.

You have made a hole on the bottle plug or cork. It should be 1.3 millimeters and then use your glue gun to fix the spout with the gardening can.

Now, you have to let it dry until the glue gets stable. You should check if there is no leak from where water can run out.

But you should use the Krazy glue or super glue to fix the pipe with the bottle cork.

In this case, you have to be careful not to get your skin glued. If you are using Krazy glue, then just leave with a thin layer of it. And hold the two-part together tight for just a few seconds.

Also, you should cover the Krazy glued part with the glue gun. It will be safer and there will be no chance of leaking water from this part.

Step 3

It’s about making it hangable. You have to remember that you cannot place the jug from any angle you want. You have to make sure that the water showering part that means the garden can joint must be a downside and face the right place over where you will stand to have your shower.

However, this part is very simple where you have to use the chain shackle and the links to make the jug stably hangable.

Use your rope to tie a knot with the last ring of the shackle. Glued the edges of the rope using the glue gun so that it cannot get loosen.

Now, make another knot with the other side of the rope using the shackle link. Don’t forget to glue the knot side as you did it for the previous knot.

Step 4

It’s time to cover the jug using the gorilla tape. You are probably thinking about the necessity of this part.

Well, you will leave your Shower jug under the sun all day on your camping trip. That can melt the jug plastic or make it unstable enough to use for the next time.

If you manage to cover it up with the gorilla tape, none of these consequences will happen. Moreover, when you cover the rope with the tape, it will be easier to carry.

Just cover the jug with the tape normally. But make sure that you are keeping the rope outside. And when the complete jug is covered without the rope, you can cover the rope separately.

Step 5

Giving it a test is the last part that I am going to talk about in this part. You cannot just avoid this part because you don’t know whether or not you have done it appropriately.

Only when you will find it working properly, you can carry it with you on your campsite. Otherwise, everything will be in vain when you will find it not workable.

Well, now follow the instructions one by one to give it a test. And this part is very important because you have to follow the same instructions on your campsite when you love to have a shower.

  • First, fill up the water jug with clean water.
  • Find an appropriate testing place where you get a tree that has a branch of three to four feet above your head.
  • Now, unscrew the shackle and then take it through the taped rope. Then put the screw tightly back in.
  • Throw the rope over the branch of the tree. Make the water container hang in the air.
  • Make sure that the water jug is hanging about a foot above your head. Otherwise, you won’t have a good shower at all.
  • Now, open the water jug spout and make sure it releases water properly.
  • Check it again if everything is alright here.

That’s it. Your DIY water jug is ready to give you a good shower. Keep it in a safe place and take it to your camp.


Essential Tips to Remember

You have to learn about how to make a portable shower for camping and how to use it. But you should also remember something I think you shouldn’t miss.

  • If you wish to have a shower with privacy, I suggest you make a foldable pipe stand. You can cover colored polythene or shower curtains over the stand. It’s easy to have a private shower.
  • If you are on your camping trip and you have no shower gadget or equipment to make a DIY shower, this primitive idea is for you.

Just collect a big size polybag. Fill it with water and use a rope to hang it on a higher place like tree brunch. Stand right under the bag and take a pencil in your hand.

Very quickly make 5 or 6 holes on the bottom part of the polybag using the pencil or something thinner like that.

You may get around 5 minutes of water supply from the instant idea that needs nearly nothing but a polythene bag.

  • If you are a regular camp person, it is better to have a shower gadget like camp chef heater shower, solar camp shower, portable pressurized shower, foot pump shower bag, or something similar like that.
  • You shouldn’t use water from anywhere to have a shower. I prefer boiling it at night and letting it get a good temperature till morning.
  • If you manage to find a safe source of water, you can just have a bath there. That’s my most favorite part as I love swimming in the natural water source.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot about how to make a portable shower for camping. I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but I have already left 4 different ideas of having a shower on the campsite. I hope one of these ideas will come as a help for you.


So, it’s time to say tata for today. Do you have any confusion about what I have discussed today? If yes, don’t hesitate to leave it on the comment box. Have a great camping trip and enjoy the beautiful world and live a beautiful life.