11 Awesome Tips to Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

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The outdoors, enjoying nature, little back to basics- we all like to camp. The tent and the sleeping bags in the car and we are gone! You make it as adventurous as you want. A little glamping, we don’t say no to that. So we gave ourselves the luxury of a tent where we can stand upright. In short, we want our tent camping to be comfortable.

To make tent camping as comfortable as possible, you need to know some tricks. Because small tricks prepare everything better.

This time, we’ll share some useful tips on making tent camping more comfortable and fun.

How to Make Tent Camping More Comfortable?

1. It all starts with choosing the right tent:

Make sure it is spacious enough, ventilated, and convenient to set up. Better to focus on double-sheet curtains. They cost a little more but prevent condensation from being created in the inner chamber. Also, they better protect from humidity. Another element not to be underestimated is the presence of the mosquito net. A mosquito net is almost invisible but an essential accessory to spend peaceful nights.

Speaking of choices, the choice of the place to pitch the tent is equally essential. Find a dry, slightly sloping clearing. It should be raised above the surrounding rivers or lakes. In this way, in the case of rain, the water will not stagnate under the tent. Do not position yourself too close or too far from the camping bathrooms. If you can, grab a place with a beautiful view. You will see what beautiful awakenings!

2. Light, heat, and much more:

Even if camping in a tent takes place mainly in summer, do not underestimate the cold and the darkness. Sleeping outdoors is not like sleeping between four walls.  Always remember to bring complete clothing, sleeping bags, and mattresses. These will help you to avoid being in contact with the soil moisture. Also, check that you have taken torches and lanterns if you need to get up at night for any need.

When preparing your backpacks, do not forget other small accessories. For example, pocket knives, lighters and matches, a compass, and various cords. Small things can significantly increase the comfort of the holiday.

3. Prepare The Ground:

Find a flat surface. Pick up rocks and twigs from the ground. Install a thick cover. Apart from a rock that pierces your back, the worst calamity is a trickle of fresh water.

Set up the tent and line the floor with foam tiles. You have already seen them in daycare centers; they absorb the falls of small children. These foam tiles are inexpensive and easy to transport. They can be cut to the dimensions of the tent floor. A layer of foam insulation prevents the cold earth from going up in your warm little bed.

4. Choose the Components of Your Sleeping Bag:

A two-seater inflatable mattress is standard camping equipment. Wrap it in a flannel fitted sheet. Cozy comfort is obtained by opening a double sleeping bag. Then deploy on the mattress. You can also bring the down of your bed since you will just have to wash the cover.

Don’t forget to bring a pump if you don’t want to spend hours blowing and blowing.

Some thick mattresses inflate on their own. They are perfect for lone campers. Put two side by side and cover them with a flannel fitted sheet. So, you won’t accidentally roll on the ground.

Take the pillows you sleep with at home. Don’t waste your time with inflatable plane pillows or rolled-up sweaters. You will use two inverted pillowcases to cover a single pillow: each end of the pillow will be protected from dirt.

5. Who Cooks On The Campsite?

Do you think you can eat out or cook independently? In this case, do not forget everything you need for camping cooking: stoves, pots and pans, plates, cutlery, cylinders, kettles. One of the most beautiful things about camping in a tent is the barbecue. A true classic that will allow you to prepare unforgettable barbecues.

Whatever equipment you get, always remember to cook outside the tent and put out any fires you light. If your tent has a veranda, you can use it to store all indoor kitchen equipment, sheltered from the rain.

6. Hygiene and comfort:

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring everything you need for personal hygiene and a first aid kit. We conclude with a small practical tip: stay in the tent barefoot, leaving your shoes out. It is a hygienic habit and a way to increase the comfort of camping in a tent significantly!

7. Do not delve into the campsite:

Campsites come in all shapes and sizes. Mega campsites, charming campsites, nature campsites, large, small, with and without animation. Or even with or without clothes. When you go camping for the first time, you may not yet know which campsite is right for you. A little research beforehand can avoid disappointments.

Is there electricity? What facilities do you want and are there also at the campsite? I would not make it too difficult when I camp for the first time. I would choose a campsite with a bit of comfort because the camping itself is exciting enough.

8. Do not come without extra blankets when you go camping:

Camping in the Netherlands can be cold even in summer. In many southern European countries it also cools down a lot at night. Especially when you are in the mountains. So always make sure that you have an extra blanket with you or a beautiful thick pajama.

9. Don’t make plans:

Without children, this might be a little different. Take your children with you when you go camping for the first time. Then deepen before departure or when you arrive in the area. What is there to do? What are indoor and outdoor activities nearby? You don’t have to make a schedule for the rest of the week right away. It does help to know what the options are if they get bored or want to break a rainy day.

10. Don’t try out your tent and camping gear for the first time camping:

Everyone who has been camping for some time knows them. Fortunately, there is usually a neighbor who wants to help you, but prevention is better than cure. So put up the tent, trailer tent, or caravan at home or on a day camping site to avoid bumbling and arguing at the start of your holiday. This also applies to, for example, your gas burners or the camping table. Because you wouldn’t say it, but they can be challenging.

11. Do not use the zipper:

Tents and caravans have fly screens. These screens are closed with a zipper or a slider. It is often forgotten to close these zippers. So make sure you keep the screens closed, even after the first time camping remains fun.

More tips to make your tent camping more comfortable:

If you are thinking of going camping here are some tips and tricks.

  • The plant sprayer: Keep a plant sprayer with some all-purpose cleaner. At a campsite, you don’t always have water at hand. To quickly wipe the table clean, keep a plant sprayer with some all-purpose cleaner (diluted with water) at hand. Spray with the rag, and the table is clean again.
  • The bin: A pop-up laundry basket (or in this case an Ikea toy basket) keeps the trash bag in place. Flies and other bugs stay away through the lid. And when folded, it barely takes up any space.
  • The toilet rolls: A toilet roll on a string and preferably also in a plastic bag. Most campsites have neat toilet areas with sufficient toilet paper. But unfortunately, it can also be done differently. Then it is nice to have your role. If you pull a string through that roll and make a chain with it, you can hang the roll around your neck. A plastic bag ensures that your roll of toilet paper stays dry if you have to cross to the toilets through the rain.
  • Take rain into account: Whatever weather they predict, take into account all weather conditions. Provide rain gear for everyone, something against the cold and swimming gear. Pack matches again in zip-lock bags.
  • Camping and showering: Showering at the campsite? Provide a shower bag where you can put your clothes or buy a toilet bag that you can hang. In terms of towels, choose the compact towels from Decathlon. Also, always have shower slippers with you. Cheap flip flops or the almost discarded flip flops will do just fine.


This is the end of our tips on how to make tent camping more comfortable. If you follow these tips and tricks, you are already more than ready to go camping. Remember also that it is essential always to be well located to avoid possible scares and especially to go to the excellent company.