How to Open RV Emergency Window from Outside

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Are you locked out of your RV? Is your door jammed, and you can’t get inside? Getting stuck out of an RV is more common than one might think. If you don’t have spare keys or can’t unlock doors, knowing how to open an RV emergency window from outside can save your life.

You can open the RV emergency window from outside by using a screwdriver. Phillips screwdriver heads are the most suited for this task. You can try to stimulate the release system to break the seal and open the windows. If you get locked out of your RV, open the window and climb up inside. 

Opening RV emergency windows are relatively easy if you follow the right steps and have practice. Practicing these procedures before traveling in an RV is fundamental.

If you don’t know where to start while opening an RV window from outside, read further ahead. The following instructions can give you an idea and help you practice.


A Quick Outline of the RV 

The full form of RV is a Recreational Vehicle. An RV is a vehicle or automobile that has a living space created for lodging or housing. It has many characteristics of home: beds, kitchens, toilets, sitting areas, etc.

RV is mostly used for holidays. It is a home away from home. You can get the luxury of a house while roaming outside.

It is one of the most popular forms of camping. Some people even live in RVs or take yearlong journeys as RVs provide all the necessary comforts of a home.

There’s enough space in an RV to accommodate queen-sized beds, several single beds, sofas, a small sitting island, an equipped kitchen, toilets, and some even have fireplaces.

However, comfort isn’t the only attribute of the automobile. Like all vehicles, there are some safety measures to help you if you ever end up in bad situations.

Knowing how to open those windows from both the inside and outside is crucial. It is necessary for you and your family’s safety.


How to Open an RV window from Outside (step by step)

If you’re stuck in a situation where you need to know how to open RV emergency window from outside, you have to careful and patient before attempting.

Sometimes doors get locked or jammed, and you can’t enter your RV. Opening windows from the outside is a tricky business, but learning it is a good safety net in emergencies.

Below is the step-by-step guideline on how to open RV emergency window from outside.


Locate the Windows

There are several emergency exit windows on an RV. There’s one in the driver’s quarter, one near the RV door, and one near the bed.

The easiest way to identify them is to look for the exit sign on the window glass. There’s usually a sticker with EXIT written on it on all emergency windows. If you have an old RV or a second-hand one, the sign may be missing.

The other way is to look for a red handle. To emphasize the crisis exit, the handles of emergency windows are red. There are windows with red cords or links if the handles are black.


Use a Screwdriver 

You need to use a screwdriver to open the window from the outside. Most RV rigs have a screwdriver in the back. Phillips head screwdriver is the most suitable for the job.


Climb Through the Window

After opening the emergency window with the screwdriver, climb through into the RV. Unlock the main door if the situation calls for it. Remember to always lock the emergency windows after opening them.


Breaking the Seal 

Other than using a screwdriver, learn where the release mechanism of the windows is. Practice opening them from the outside by activating the system and breaking the seal.

Apply pressure to open the window. Try to enter through the window by pulling and pushing yourself in. Close the window after entering by placing the mechanism back in its place.


Calling the Locksmith 

It is the last resort if you can’t open your window in any way. Don’t break the glass or ruin your RV to enter. Try to contact the local locksmith as soon as you can.


Operation of the RV Emergency Windows 

While RVs’ style differs based on brand, the emergency windows are similar across most of them. It is not an accessory but a safety measure. Knowing the functionality of an emergency window is part of basic RV knowledge.

You need to learn its operation before an emergency happens. Below are some steps to know about the functionality of RV windows.


Knowing Where the Emergency Windows Are 

You should always know where each emergency windows are not just the most visible ones. There are several windows, including one in the bed-chamber.

There are two types of RVs, the towable RV, and the motor homes. The motor home RV is divided into class A, class B, and class C.

The towable RV has different groups: fifth-wheel trailers, travel trailers, the toy hauler or sport utility RV trailers, and expandable trailers, available as folding or tent.

Based on the model, the RV will have various windows throughout the entire interior. The most visible ones are in the sleeping chamber and the main living area.

Find the emergency windows by either looking for the EXIT sticker or red window handles, latch or cord. The red color helps you to identify the windows in an emergency.


Practice Opening the Window from the Inside 

Before you learn how to open RV emergency window from the outside, you need to know the window’s mechanism, which includes knowing how to open from the inside.

There are multiple types of handles on different windows. If there is a red slider, pull it to the side. There will be a window screen after that and drag that to the side as well. Your window is opened.

The emergency windows with black handles have another opening process. After you pull the window to the side, you will see two red latches on two sides.

Pull those up and push the window glass. This one will go up with the screening instead of sliding.

There’s also a bigger rectangle window with black slides. The mechanism is quite the same. Pull up the red latches and press on the glass to open the window.

Another standard style is the red lever lock. You need to pull the lever out to one side. Then push it out through the small attached opening to unlock the window.

There’s a red tab on the right corner. You need to pull it to remove the screening.

The last type of emergency window has a viewing window on the right top side and a crank window on the right bottom side. There are two red latches for this window: below and left side.

Undo those latches and lift the glass to make your exit.


Exiting Through the Window

After opening the emergency exit windows, you need to climb out or make your exit. Be careful of how tall your RV window is compared to the ground below.

Jumping distances always look smaller than they are. First, put out your legs and try to land in your feet. Close the window and secure it by pushing.


Importance of Knowing RV Emergency Windows Mechanism 

The significance of knowing how to open RV emergency window from outside is immense. RV emergency windows are not just there for air circulation.

If you ever find yourself locked out of your RV and don’t have your keys, opening your RV windows from the outside is a viable solution.

A mandate in fire codes has made emergency exit windows a must-have feature in all RVs. It has been in motion since the 1970s. The regulations state that one emergency window should be at the front of the RV, and another should be in the sleeping area.

Some travelers don’t want to let cold air in and so they shut off the windows permanently. It is a dangerous and foolish decision.

The majority of RV accidents happen to those RV travelers who survived the first encounter with luck but never educated themselves on safety measures after that.

Your RV will come equipped with several windows and a manual on how to operate them. It is your duty as an RV owner to know how to open them.

You don’t want to be locked out of your RV stuck in the middle of nowhere. Knowing the necessary emergency procedures is the bare minimum before traveling in an RV.


Teach Children to open RV emergency windows

Before traveling, your entire family or group must practice all the safety measures, including opening RV emergency windows.

Teaching children how to open RV emergency window from outside can end up saving their lives. If you are somehow prevented from opening an emergency window, your children can open it themselves this way.

Go through the entire procedure step-by-step. Give your kids a visual example and let them practice several times. Make sure they can open the windows and climb up without your assistance.

Furthermore, teach them about the exit doors and where they are situated in the RV. Instruct them what to do if there is an emergency like a fire.



You need to take some cautionary steps to make sure your window opening procedure doesn’t go sideways.

You need to take some steps before traveling in an RV so that you don’t have to face a situation where opening an emergency window becomes obligatory.

You can also follow a few directions in case you encounter a disaster and need to take immediate action. Below are some of the steps.

Don’t Block the Window: Emergency windows in an RV are essential as they work as exit routes. You can enter the RV by learning how to open RV emergency window from outside. They also provide ventilation.

In short, windows are necessary, and under no circumstances can you block them. Try to steer away from any obstructions near the emergency windows.

Spare Key: If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are locked out of your RV, having a spare key is a lifesaver. Granted, you don’t have to open the emergency windows in this scenario, but having a spare key is the better alternative.

If you’re traveling with a group, give them all a key and teach them how to use it. If you can’t give them all keys, show them where the spare one is kept.

Clean Locks: Jammed doors are one of the nightmares of an RV owner. In this instance, having a key won’t help you. To prevent this situation, always keep your locks clean and check for grim buildup. Apply lubricant once in a while to keep the lock well-oiled.

Practice Makes Perfect:  This advice is always relevant. The entire traveling group needs to practice the escape routes and emergency basics. Knowing how to open RV emergency window from outside is one of the basics of RV safety.

Demonstrating a few times can help you master the technique. Try to open the windows in the dark as getting locked out at night is a common occurrence in RVs.

Know Your Basics: You must learn the fundamentals of RV safety procedures. Getting locked out, locked in, jammed doors, fires, and gas leak are just some of the RV emergencies.

You need to be prepared to tackle any of them. Lack of awareness and ignorance is the leading cause of accidents in RVs.



Getting locked out of your RV is a frequent occurrence for RV users. Even the most experienced traveler can make this mistake.

But having an idea of how to open RV emergency window from outside can help you immensely. Follow the above-given directions to get yourself out of a sticky situation.

By knowing this skill, you can save you and your group’s lives. By correctly going through these rules, you can open the window with a screwdriver and avoid a big disaster.

Just be sure to practice them once or twice before you travel. That way, you will be prepared for any bad situation.