How to Prepare for a Camping Trip For Beginners

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Are you planning to make your first move on a camping trip? You are right if you are doing so. Because today I plan to write about how to prepare for a camping trip. So, the beginners should skip a word to learn the preparation of a camping trip like a pro.

On my first camping trip, I remember, I just made it mess for a couple of times. I was actually too excited and couldn’t manage my things properly. Even I couldn’t even make a proper plan for the trip.

The morning I was about to move, I felt like I couldn’t make it at all. Nothing was arranged except for my excitement. So, I took another day to prepare and call my camping pro friend Zeref. He taught me proper planning and arrangements.

I also learned a lot of planning and hacks by myself. And now, after 4 years I made my first camping trip, my friends and families call me the pro. Preparing for a camping trip seems to be a task for an hour to me.

So, I planned to share my ideas and tips with all of you. So, arrangement and preparation can never be the cause that hinders your very first camping trip.

Well, the first you have to do is planning. Remember that without proper planning, you can never make it successful. Let’s see how to do that.


Planning for The Trip

By the word planning, I mean everything you need to fix before you start your preparation. You just can’t take some essentials and go out without knowing where and how you are making your trip. That’s not going with the proper answer of how to prepare for a camping trip.

Well, make sure that you have noticed all the following planning points. You shouldn’t miss any of them and it’s better to keep track of these matters in a notebook before you start your journey.  

Fix the Campsite

The first thing you should do is to fix the campsite. You cannot just choose a place randomly. First, make sure that the place is allowed to be used as the campsite. Next to that, you should take the following actions immediately.

  • Ask your friends if anyone had visited the place before. You should make your first trip to the place where none of the intimate people visited before. You have to ask them about the place in person.
  • Search on the internet about the place. Try to learn more about it. I mean everything about the place including the weather, wild animals in the forest, direction, risk factors.
  • Call the campsite management office by yourself. Learn the rules and regulations of the place. You shouldn’t forget about it in any case. Find out if they allow making a campfire or using electricity.
  • Manage a map of the campsite. You just can’t depend on your GPS tracker on the smartphone. You know that danger doesn’t come knocking at your door. You cannot trust a technical device that can go shutdown at any time.
  • Book the campsite after making sure that it is available for the date.
  • Recheck if the place is safe for you. Try to think if you have any personal difficulties like allergies to a particular type of tree that is available around the place or you cannot stand with darkness, etc.

Make Sure You Have All the Insurance and Health Information

It is the most important part of what I have already told you a little. Health information must be checked before you get ready for your trip.

Your health information will tell you about what you are allergic to and which things you should avoid decreasing the risk of getting sick.

Is It a Group Camping or Solo?

So, what do you think about the trip? Will you go alone or with your friends and family? If you have decided already, then I have nothing more to say.

But if you want to follow my suggestion, then it’s better not to go alone on your first trip. Family sounds the best but if you are going with your friend, choose the one who will never leave you alone in the wilderness.

Well, thinking about this step is essential because it will help you to pack properly. You may not have to pack the same things you need to go alone if you are going in a group.

Planning You menu

You cannot just rely on nature to get your meal on the trip. You are not living in a primitive era where you can just eat anything raw or uncooked.

Well, having a proper meal planning will tell you about what thing you should carry. You can prepare a meal preparation with processed foods or take some foods that you can cook at the campsite.

You will also have to make a list of cooking ingredients and tools. If coffee is a must for you as for me, you have to carry an adequate amount of ingredients for that.

Making a Checklist

It’s the most crucial part of the planning for the camping trip. You have to make a list of things you have to carry to the campsite. From the tent to your first aid box, you cannot leave anything that you need.

If you can manage to make the list before you prepare for the trip, there is less possibility of forgetting something important. That’s why making your checklist is necessary.

Now, the question is how you will be so sure of your checklist, right? The next section of today’s discussion is all about the preparation. There, you will find a list of everything you should carry to the campsite. So, don’t skip the point.

Planning Your Activities on the Camp

I’m sure that you are not planning to just stay in the tent at your campsite. If you have plans to roam around the forest or hike over the mountains, just make a list of your activities like a schedule.

Believe me, you will forget everything when you will be there and you have to schedule or remind. Well, you can just keep notes on your diary or use your smartphone notepad and reminder.

It will help you to spend your time exactly how you are planning. Well, as soon as you complete planning for your camping trip. You have to move forward to have the final preparations. And it’s all about packing your things. Let’s what’s important here.


Pack Your Things up

This part will tell you about which thing, how, and why you need to prepare and pack before moving to your trip. Let’s check them out briefly.

Get Your Bag

You must have a camping bag. It should be moderate in size and include lots of pockets. A waterproof backpack is the best idea for camping. It will prevent your stuff from getting wet still if it is raining or you have to carry it while swimming.

Well, whether or not you have a waterproof backpack, just use a garbage bag inside it. With it, you can be a hundred percent sure about the safety of your items.

Do you have an additional stand for your backpack? If not, you can just buy one. It will help you to place your tent in the bag. But if you have more space inside your backpack for the tent, that’s enough.

A First Aid Box

Never even think about a camping trip without this thing. Don’t forget that you are going to roam around the wilderness where the risk of getting hurt is everywhere waiting for you.

Make it sure that your first aid box includes all necessary items including bandaid, antibiotics, painkillers, painkiller bum or spray, thermometer, antiseptic, hand sanitizer, and other necessary medications.

If you have any personal health issues and have to take any particular medicine, don’t forget about that.

Cooking Equipment

Do you plan not to take processed food and so make your own on the campsite? If not, then it’s okay. But if you are planning so, you need to carry some basic cooking equipment.

You can buy a small camping stove from the market. Besides, you need to carry spoons, knife, pan, chopping board, plates, mug, and similar.


Let’s think about what you are planning to eat there. You have to carry all of them there too. I prefer using canned food or processed foods that I can prepare very easily.

Make it sure that you are carrying a sufficient amount of that you can cope with the trip duration. Even try to carry a few extra so that you won’t have any deficiency.

Well, some particular foods I would like to carry every time I make a trip. A few cans of energy drink, a dozen of energy or protein bars, coffee and creamer, some cough relieving candy, and a few packs of instant ramen and soup. These all will work as an emergency meal.

Pack the Tent

If you are planning to stay in a tent as usual what everyone does, then you have to carry your tent too. Just a minute ago, I told you about the backpack stand with which you can carry your tent with your bag. You can also carry it inside your bag if it is quite long in size.

Well, not just the tent, but you have to carry a sleeping bag and an air pillow too. Bringing a few additional blankets will work like bonuses if it is winter.

Some Items You Cannot Avoid

Well, it’s about a list of some additional items you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Check them again before you leave your home.

  • Firewood
  • Matches and Gaslight
  • Battery or solar lamp
  • Fuel
  • Your clothes, watch, and hats
  • Raincoat and swimsuit
  • Scissor
  • Your cellphone and power bank (full-charged)
  • A Whistle and Walkie-talkie
  • A map of the campsite and compass
  • Multitools
  • Pen and Paper
  • Water container
  • Binocular and camera (optional)
  • Few Ziploc bags
  • Toiletries and gloves
  • Toothpaste, brush, and hygienic items
  • Pen and paper
  • Rope and scotch tape
  • A hiking stick
  • A radio

As much as my checklist tells, this list covers all the additional items that I didn’t tell about before this point. Well, these are not all you remember. I have some tips for you too. Keep your eyes open before finishing the next part.


Essential Tips Not to Forget

Just remember the following tips when you are going to make your trip.

  • Always be careful about safety and try your best not to get hurt.
  • Don’t make a trip on the site where fierce animals are available.
  • Be extra careful while making a campfire. You shouldn’t end up making a wildfire.
  • Choose a clean and safe place for a campfire.
  • Check the weather before you step forward.
  • Check the devices you are carrying to the campsite. It won’t look good if you find them broken there.
  • Practice setting the tent a couple of times at home.
  • Have a good sleep on the last night of your camping trip.
  • Never ever drink water from anywhere. Bringing safe water is good anyway.
  • You should be aware of insects and mosquitoes. They can be tiny in size but sometimes, they can be more rapturous than bears. Taking a mosquito-killing lamp sounds good in this case.
  • You can also carry carbolic acid to avoid snakes.
  • Carry some dry foods and fruits too.
  • You can also carry your favorite books. For me, reading a book in nature is like a feeling from heaven.
  • I avoid drinking alcohol while camping. You can’t be careless for a second on the campsite.
  • Ask suggestions from experts in person and try to remember them anyway.

So, these are the average tips I think you shouldn’t forget at any cost. Always remember that personal safety is the first priority. I am not increasing fear inside you but it is true that we often lost our friends who didn’t come back from their last camping trip.

And now, we cannot bear another loss anyway. Some people must be waiting for you at home. If you have no one at home, the world is waiting for you. Don’t be so reckless and careless in the campsite where people are not nearby to help you. So, you are the only one to take care of you.


Hopefully, you have got an all-inclusive idea about how to prepare for a camping trip. And so, you won’t find it hard to prepare for your next trip. Just knock me on the comment box if anything looks confusing or you have anything to ask. And for another time, let me remind you that you have to come back in one piece. Wish you all the best.

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