How to recover RV jack knife sofa

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If you own an RV and don’t go on the usual weekend trips, you’re missing out big time. While most RVs or recreational vehicles come equipped with furniture, some of them come empty. This gives you the option to customize.

The jackknife sofas of your RV can be covered or recovered pretty quickly. These are the most convenient types of sofa beds, and you won’t have much trouble covering them. Just slide your cover into the grooves, and youre done!

RV furniture comes at different price points, but you can get cheaper ones too. The jackknife sofas are integral parts of an RV interior. But the covers can get dirty quickly, so you might ask yourself the question, “How to recover RV jack knife sofa?”. And we’re here to answer your question!


What is a jack knife sofa?

Jackknife sofas are quite popular among many states and for good reasons. They turn into beds when you need a spare bed the most. Some people don’t get the full-sized beds for their RVs and choose to roll with the jackknifes instead. And it’s understandable since a couple of guys can easily spend a night on a jackknife sofa.

Recreational vehicles are getting popular by the day, and you truly need to invest in furniture for the weekend trips. Alongside a cooker and a sink, a place to sit and relax is quite convenient. So if you don’t have the budget for a full-sized bed, a jackknife sofa is probably the best way to go.


What Are the Types of RVs?

RVs provide extreme comfort to the owners. These vehicles are the most preferred ones when you’re on the road most of the time. Whether you get one with a separate cabin or an add on, they come in at various price points.

RVs or trailers come in various sizes too. Some brands allow you to choose the level of detail and amount of features. The prices increase as you tend to check more things on the feature set, but that’s pretty obvious. As numerous companies are making recreational vehicles now, many brands are explicitly making RV furniture.

You can get a lot of cheap jackknife sofas from different online sites. But are all of them worth your money? But more often than not, you better pay more if you don’t want to compromise durability.

Before learning about how you can choose and cover your RV jackknife sofas, here’s a tip on the types of RVs.

Class A RVs: These are the top of the line RVs from luxury brands. They make these things so well that you’ll probably forget that you’re inside an RV when you’re inside one of these. These motorhomes bring the best of both worlds and aim to provide you with some profound benefits.

These motorhomes come in different ranges too, but all of the segments offer the top of line features and quirks. While you will be greeted with slide-out rooms in some, others will have a fancy DJ set.

These types of RVs will also have attached jackknife sofas. These come with premium leather most of the time, but the companies will give you the option to customize.

Class B RVs: Moving on to our second type of motorhomes. These are a bit smaller in size than the absolute luxury options, but you can still pretty much get 80% of the bigger ones’ main features. And when it comes to the jackknife sofas, these RVs don’t compromise.

If you go for the top-notch ones, these RVs usually have the jackknife sofas as the second bed. But you can choose to have just jackknife sofas in your vehicle if you want to keep it that way.

Class C RVs: If you’re not looking for a huge recreational vehicle and you want to keep things small and minimal, then these types of RVs are for you! They consume less space than the other two classes, but they get the job done correctly.

So if you don’t have a garage to store the Big Boys, you can get yourself one of these! They usually come with one of two jackknife sofas, and you can easily slide them out to turn them into beds. Most companies will let you choose which style of sofa you want. So you’re not restricted when it comes to customization.


All You Should Know about RV jackknife sofas

You can easily pull or slide-out these sofas to use them as full-sized beds. They come in different mechanisms. The more premium offerings also slide out with the press of a button. They are built way better than your typical couch, as they should be!

They are built with different materials, and some people like to cover them up. You can easily sit on the jackknife sofa to watch your favorite videos while on the road. And when you feel your eyes getting heavy, you can pull it out and relax!


Why You Should Get an RV Jack Knife Sofa

Jackknife sofas are indeed the perfect match for recreational vehicles. That’s because they save so much space in the first place. You can get them in a variety of price points and materials.

Affordable: They are pretty cheap too, so you don’t have to dish out a huge amount of cash to get yourself a sofa. These might end up costing you a bit more than traditional couches, but you will indeed get the added durability. So it’s pretty worth it!

Easily Switch: Whenever you need a nap (except for when you’re driving, of course!), you can get up, pull out the sofa, and voila! Jackknife sofas are preferred over others as they can switch so quickly from bed to couch.

Lightweight: Another great thing about RV jackknife sofas is that they weigh comparatively less. That’s because you don’t have to deal with an awkwardly heavy mattress. So you can easily detach them and move them around if you try. You can replace them quickly as they’re so light!

Easy to maintain: The covers of these sofas are pretty easy to remove and replace. So if you want to cover and recover them, you can do that easily.


How Do You Take Care of it?

If you like to keep your sofas naked, you will probably have a more challenging time cleaning it. The preferred way to make sure that your sofas will last longer is to use a cover. So if the covers get dirty, remove them and throw them into the washing machine.

You can also completely replace them with a new set of covers for your jackknife sofas. The process does tend to get a little tricky.

The Covering Process

You can easily pull out all the pieces from the sofa individually. YA drill would be your best friend in this case. Just take apart the two parts and the other brackets too. This will be easier if you get an automatic drill. Bring the pieces out and move them to your garage.

Measure out the amount of fabric that you need and buy it. You can choose any pattern you want. It would help if you covered both the cushion and the backrest. So wrap the fabric around both the pieces and cut off the excess. A little wrinkling is okay, don’t worry about that.

Stick the fabric with pins to keep it in place. Make sure to keep the joining part on the cushion’s underside and the backside of the backrest. Now you’re ready to sew it up!

The seems don’t need to be perfect, its okay if you’re not a sewing professional. The imperfections can be easily hidden. Hide the main seams and you’re good to go!



Recreational vehicles are the most popular vehicles for families that like to go on weekend trips. If you want to go out for a sudden barbeque in the forest or even if you go camping, an RV comes in pretty handy. And as for the RV jackknife sofas, you can quickly recover them in a matter of minutes.

If your question is “How to recover RV jack knife sofa?” I believe we already covered you. Follow the instructions, and you too can easily cover the jack knife sofa of your RV pretty quickly.