How to Use Backpack Loops? (Expert Tips)

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How to pack things smartly is an essential thing to know for hikers, campers, explorers, and anyone else who loves traveling outdoors. And backpack loops are a great thing that will help all the outdoor travelers carry additional and yet important objects. That is why we came up with this essential guide that will be enlightening you about how to use backpack loops.

Backpack loops help you correctly organize things. You will be able to keep things separate that has a chance of spilling and spoiling other things in your backpack. We see issues of clothes, equipment, and many other important things getting dirty because of moist things and contain smell getting mixed up.

Other than just knowing about the uses of backpack loops lets us have a look with more depth about what they are. And then you will get to see some of the important uses of backpack loops.

What are backpack loops:

Backpack loops are also known as webbing loops that you will see stitched in your backpacks strongly and securely so you can attach a lot of different objects to it. The loops are either stitched in a series and are called daisy chains or you will find these loops located at various points of your backpack individually.

The material that is used for making backpack loops is nylon. Nylon is the perfect material as it has great tensile strength and durability. That is to ensure that the loops do not snap easily while holding heavy objects.

Some loops are made up of finer plastic. You will come across backpacks loops made up of different materials and as well as different sizes. Some of the sizes of backpack loops are large to let you attach heavy weighted objects.

On the other hand, you will find some that are small in size so you can attach lightweight items. Depending on the sizes of the loops you need to plan and organize things to carry to the place you are willing to travel.

How You Can Use Backpack Loops:

1. Carry wet objects separately:

It is never a good idea to carry wet clothes or socks inside your backpack. As the clothes stay contained inside the backpack it does not get the opportunity to dry up resulting in the bacteria and other kinds of odor to get enough time for building up. The odor and bacteria will transfer to other neat objects present in your backpack.

Hence, make the use of backpack loops here. Attach all the objects that are wet and need to dry up with the loops. This helps in objects to dry up as you finish the rest of your journey.

2. Making use of side compression straps:

Straps or backpack loops that do the job of compressing your backpacks from the side help in reducing volume. Reducing the volume of the backpack helps greatly in bring some of the load much closer to your core muscles giving some relief to your spine.

You can also use these side compression straps to get rid of some loads from your backpack. You can keep heavy things like sleeping pads, tent bags, extra shoes, and many things like these outside the backpack.

Remember to keep all the things on the compression straps in such a way so that they are balanced. Some backpacks come with three straps and some with two. You need to carry an equal amount of weight on each of the straps and layer on tightening them using the help of a friction cinch. The uneven weight of things can result in pain and unbalance to your body.

3. Carrying sharp objects:

If you need large cutting tools, you can not place them inside your backpacks. Cutting tools are not only sharp but are heavy as well. they will take up unnecessary space inside your backpack that you could utilize to keep some other necessary things.

So again take the help of backpack loops and attach the cutting tools to them. This method greatly helps in keeping things in your backpack safe from sharp objects. The other benefit is you will get the cutting tools near you and you can make use of it in no time. Keeping those in a backpack would be a time waste as you will have to open your backpack search for it inside tons of other things.

4. Keep your things away from smelly objects:

It is immensely important to keep smelly objects separate from your clean clothes and as well as sleeping bags present inside your backpack. Things like smelly socks, shoes, or essential things like a bottle of kerosene need to be kept separate so they don’t infuse the odor into the clean ones.

Even if you want to keep all the smelly objects inside your back you will have to pack them up inside two or three packets so that the smell does not get mixed up. Doing this only adds extra load to your backpack. So the wise thing is to add it to the backpack loops.

5. Keeping important objects by your side:

Things like a water bottle or any other object that you will be needing now and then need to be kept by your side. So for that, you need to keep important objects attached to your backpack loops so they are readily available to you whenever you need them.

6. Keeping your belongings safe:

Backpack loops are a great way to keep your belongings safe as you can use them to bind. Using the loops, you can bind the backpack to yourself or any strong bench when you are taking some rest.

Some disadvantages that you need to consider:

Nothing comes without any drawback sticking to them. In the same way, even backpack loops have some disadvantages that you need to consider as it can greatly affect a lot of factors while you are walking which carrying your backpack.

Before you get excited and start attaching various kinds of objects with the loops you need to ensure that your heavy items are secured properly. Very heavy items attached to the loops can result in your tip and make your shoulders do be pulled down causing you to slow down your speed and also cause pain.

The next thing that you need to consider is objects swinging after getting attached to the loops. When you walk and the objects swing you will see yourself losing balance a lot of time when you are not being careful about the steps you take. This destabilizing moment occurs the most when you attach very heavy objects to the loops. The entire moment of facing issues with trying to balance yourself becomes irritating.

Other than just irritating, it increases the risk of making you fall when you try to pass a narrow path, rocky and uneven surfaces and give you a lot of shoulder or back pain.

If you have attached sharp cutting objects or anything pointy to your backpack loops you might need to consider your decision again. That is because while you walk and the objects swing the person walking by your side or behind you might get hurt. Something like will surely happen when you are walking in very narrow paths. So if you are willing to carry sharp objects, either carry it inside your bag or only carry by attaching with your backpack loops when you are alone on a trip.

To avoid most of the hazardous cases, all you have to do is to attach things securely to the backpack loops so that they don’t swing much in the air. As loosely attached stuff can result in your stuff getting tangled to trees or small bushes when you try crossing narrow and dense areas. So think wise and consider all the disadvantages to carefully pack your things.

Final verdicts:

To sum up, now that you finally got to know about how to use backpack loops, we hope that you will be carrying all your essentials in an organized way. You will no longer face any kind of hassle in the future when you set out for traveling. Your clothes will remain neat and fresh as you follow the ways and keep stinky things separate from them.

You will no longer need to compromise and leave anything important behind. As all the backpack loops will be doing the job of holding heavy objects for you. Your frequently used needy objects will be there by your side so you can get your job done easily. Keep in mind to get the right backpack with the back loops that are made up of strong and durable material so there is no risk of objects falling off.

On the other hand, as we already warned you about the disadvantages of backpack loops try to plan according to them. Careful planning will save you from facing a lot of dangers and painful back or shoulder pain. You also need to think about all the people that will be accompanying you on your trip. So do enjoy organizing things with backpack loops but with proper care.

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