How to Make a Canopy Tent Out of a Tarp

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When you have a big group to stay in one place, a canopy tent can be a very spacious solution. On the other hand, some people love to keep a canopy shade or even tent in their backyard for entertainment. However, a tarp is one of the most popular types of equipment for canopy tents. And today you will learn how to make a canopy tent out of a tarp.

The tarp is a type of nylon-made waterproof fabric that most people use to make a canopy tent or a shade. And making a canopy tent out of a tarp is quite easy if you learn the process. You can either make it with 4 poles or set it with a wall.

Whatever the process you will follow will be very easy if you know it properly. Today, we attempt to share the easiest process of making a canopy tent both with poles and walls in the easiest way. You just have to make sure that you are following the step sequentially. Let’s first learn what you will need to make a canopy tent out of tarp.


What You Will Need to Make a Canopy Tent with a Trap

You can basically make a canopy tent in different places. Most people love to make it in their backyard. When you make it to your backyard, you will have everything you will need behind your hand. It’s because you are at home and there is no uncommon gear you will need to fix the tent in your backyard.

But when you have to make a canopy tent on your campsite you must not be at your home. So, you don’t possibly get everything you will need right behind your hand.

In this case, you have to carry all these things with you to the campsite. So, it is essential to learn exactly what you will need to carry to fix the canopy tent on the campsite.

First, you will need a tarp that comes with essential grommets and a bigger size. If the tarp doesn’t have additional grommets, you can buy some loose grommets and attach them to one side of the tarp. For that, you may need a hammer or a screwdriver.

The tarp should be 5×7 feet in size if you need to build a small tent. If you like to have a large size tent, then just go for a term with 30X50 feet or closure. You can have a tarp of different sizes according to the size of the tent. Besides the tarp, you will need the following gears.

  • One long tent pole around 8 to 10 feet to fit in the center.
  • 4 regular size rent poles.
  • A few tent stakes.
  • Hammer
  • Nylon rope of around 40 feet.

When you have prepared everything mentioned above, you are ready to make your canopy tent out of tarp.


Process of Making the Canopy Tent

To make a canopy tent using a tarp you can use any process you like. But I can ensure that the step I have described below is the easiest way to make a tent with a carp.

step 1: Cleaning the Place and Make the Floor

At first, you have to make sure that the tarp has grommets and the other equipment is ready. And then you have to clear the area where you are planning to set the tent.

You can use a broom to clean the area. Make sure that the place doesn’t have any sharp objects like stone and there are not small trees. When the place is completely clean, you have to expand the floor tarp on the ground.

You can use other fabric on the ground but the tarp works better anyway. If you have any other tent fabric or waterproof floor mat, then you can use it too.

step 2: Setting the Poles

When the place is ready and you have made the floor, it’s time to make the tent wall using the tarp. For that, you have to set the side poles in the appropriate place. You have to place the poles according to the size of your tent.

step 3: Adjusting the Tarp

It’s time to lift the tarp over the poles. In this step, you will need the help of another person who will lift the other two sides of the tarp. It’s better if you manage to have 3 more people who can hold the other 3 corners of the tarp. Then you have to lift the tarp and expand it properly.

step 4: Using Tent Stakes

To use the tent stakes, you have to use the rope. Here, you have to stretch out the rope from all four corners of the tarp. Then make sure to hold the rope and then expand it properly as much as it is possible. Next to that, you will use the hammer to adjust the tent steak. Make sure that the stake is gone inside the ground and use the rope to tie the stakes.

step 5: Setting the Long Pole

You are right before the final step. Now, you have to adjust the center rope in the middle of the tent. You have to use this pole to provide stability to the tent. Besides, it lets long people stand and even walk inside the tent easily.

Step 6: Making the sides

It’s the final stage where you have to check that everything is okay. Besides, you have to make sure that the tent sides are covered properly. That’s all you have to do to make your canopy tent using a tarp.

You can also make a canopy tent on the side of a wall if you get a well near your campsite. The process is easy as well. If you want to try that, just check out the next section simply.


Making a Canopy Tent Using a Tarp With a Wall

If you get a wall around your campsite, it will be much easier to make a tent with it. Basically, the wall will work as the pole and at the same time as the one sidewall of the tent. However, if you want to learn about the way to make a canopy tent out of a tarp with a wall, then follow the below steps sequentially.

Step 1: Preparing the Equipment

Firstly, you should choose waterproof clothing for your tent. You can use a tarp for that. It is also okay to choose a canvas drop tent cloth that includes grommets. The type of cloth is up to you, you can go for tarp or canvas drop cloth whichever suits your budget.

If you are looking for value then go with a tarp. You must measure the wall size before choosing any tent cloth. It is best to get the cloth at the same height and width as required according to the tent site. Then measure the desired size to make holes on the wall to set the cloth on.

Step 2: Drilling the Wall and Preparing the ground

Now, you have to drill holes on the wall to hold the tent cloth. When you make the holes, keep in mind that the holes should be about 1 foot near the 2 grommets. Also, make holes 7 feet above off the surface. This will allow you to create a peak in the canopy.

Holes should be evenly distributed for keeping the proper shape of the canopy. Make sure the surface is suitable for the tent. You should avoid a damp surface at any cost.

Step 3: Add Hooks

In this phase, you need to add hooks into the newly made holes on the walls. Make sure the hooks are placed tightly. We suggest using hooks for tents and not using regular low-grade hooks. These hooks are the base for your canopy. So, put more emphasis on this phase as the hooks will hold the tarp or cloth for the canopy.

Step 4: Adjust the Tarp

Now, you will have to tie the tarp or canvas cloth to the hooks. You can use rope for tying the two corners of the tent cloth to the secured hooks. After tying the cloth with the hooks you will see the trap or canvas cloth is hanging properly and the shape of the canopy is visible.

Step 5: Make the Corners

In this step, you have to deal with the rest of the two corners of the tent cloth. You can use two tent poles to deal with this matter. You have to use the two poles in such a way that the remaining grommets on the two corners are tied with a long rope from one side to another.

In this way, the tent cloth will remain stable and taut. You have to make sure the poles are secured properly before moving to the next step.

Step 6: Expanding the Tarp

The rope used in the cloth should be expanded to the other part straightly. This is crucial as it is required to set the tent stakes properly.

So, try to expand the rope as much as you can. After that, you should tie the rope with the stakes for setting up the canopy.

Step 7: Placing the Poles and Make the Tent Ready

Don’t forget to put the long pole in the middle of the canopy. You must use a support pole in the center of the tent. You should look for it before starting the setup. It is the last step and you should choose a long pole compared to the other poles.

It is better to place the pole’s underneath part inside the ground. The other part of the pole will hold the tent cloth’s overall weight. Finally, by placing the center pole the outdoor canopy is complete and you can dwell in it.

So, this is how you can make a canopy tent with a wall. To set it in a backyard, most people like to make a shade instead of a tent. You can also check out the below instructions to make a canopy shade using a tarp in your backyard or on the campsite too.


Making a Shade Using a Tarp

You can also make a canopy shade using a tarp as well. You can make a shade either in your backyard or outside your tent at the campsite. You can simply check out the following instructions to make a shade. No doubt that the process is easier than making a canopy tent.

  • First, you have to prepare the area where you have to shade and also clean the place as well.
  • Next, you have to attach the side poles in the same way you have to attach the poles for the tent.
  • As usual, you have to tie the corners of the tarp and lift the tarp over the poles.
  • Now, you have to use some rope and pull them towards the ground. It will simply give more stability to the ground.
  • Attaching the center pole is the next task you have to do. It will also provide more stability to the complete shade.
  • Your shade is almost ready and now, you can decorate your shade. You can use curtains on the four sides and use LED lights as well.

This is how easy it is to make a canopy shade using a tarp. The decoration part is completely depending on you. You can use flowers, leaves, and other decorating parts as you wish.


Final Word

It is quite essential to learn how to make a canopy tent out of a tarp. It’s because you may not have a tent all the time or it can get torn or damaged. And we all have a tarp at our home. Besides, you don’t need so many things to set the tent using a tarp as well.

So, if you don’t have a tent nearby, you can simply use a tarp to make a canopy tent anywhere you want. And if there is any wall around, it will be even easier. However, I can now anticipate that you have understood the complete process properly. Still, if you have any issues, you can leave your question in the comment box. So, I have done here and taken my leave. Thank you for your time.