Why are Campsites So Expensive?

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Nowadays, campsites are very expensive and you have to pay a lot even for a night. Campsites’ expenses also vary from place to place and season to season. Still, people are continually asking about why campsites are so expensive as they are frustrated with the rents.

Basically, campsites are getting expensive for different reasons. It depends on the location, seasons, facilities, and some other factors related to the facilities they are providing. Besides, some campgrounds provide expensive gear and camping tools as well which makes it even more expensive.

Well, not all the campsites are expensive and you don’t have to pay a lot of money every time you are going camping. There are some tricks you can follow to reduce the expenses in some campsites.

Many of my friends are thinking about the issue and we talked about some experts and seniors. We learned about the reasons that make the campsite more expensive and the ways not to spend more on them. Are you interested to learn what we found? Just stay with us till the end. I promise you won’t regret it.


Facts That Make Campsites So Expensive

Some campsites are very expensive while some are not. There are a lot of reasons behind it. The more facilities the site provides and the more it is beautiful, the more demand it will have. And demandable campsites must be more expensive With no doubt. Let’s check out the most common facts that make a campsite more expensive.

  • Comparing the Location

First of all, you need to think about the location. On a campsite camping, you will get stunning views and a better environment. Places within broad regions such as Scotland, Wales, South of England, etc. must provide a better feel in camping.

Again if you consider places like Devon or Cornwall which are situated in the lake district will also be costlier than the random camping areas. Finally, most have the temptation to camp in the campsite area that makes it more demanding and costly.

  • Better Facilities

Undoubtedly, campsites offer more facilities in a different state of camping. Paying attention to some of the campsites which offer caravanning and motorhoming is surely more exciting than camping. However, I am not saying that all the campsites offer them. Some of them have their unique facilities to offer.

Aside from that, campsites offer a games room, funhouse, evening entertainments, WiFi, and others. Some of them also include site shops and restaurants that are missing in the normal camping zone. In some campsites, you may pay some additional fees to enjoy all of their premium facilities. The good news is you will get some premium facilities free to enjoy.

  • Think about the Pitches and Availability

Campsite having hard standing pitches for vehicles allows the visitors to stay open for a long period. You won’t face any problems because the weather won’t impact the pitches. In the winter months, it is more exciting in a caravan.

Camping in a tent will be cheaper. In the campsites, you can choose to go camp in the tent instead of it. But tents in the campsites are limited. So, most of the time you have to get a motorhome or caravan and cost higher.

  • Toilet and Shower Rooms

At a campsite, you will find a better shower room and a hygienic toilet. Most of the time you will get it into the campground. You won’t have to stand in a line when you are at a campsite. However, in some campsites, there are options to take mid-level facilities. However, most of the campsites offer high-class washrooms, toilets, and shower rooms. So, the cost is higher.

  • The surroundings

Along with the location, surroundings also make a campsite expensive. If a campsite is nearby a local market, town, or a local landmark then it is surely a high pricing deal to start camping in that campsite.

The campers can walk from point to point and enjoy camping in a different way. Again a campsite near a river or waterfall is also expensive. In such a place you can enjoy more and get your mind fresh in the natural fresh air.

  • Separate Tools for Each Site

On a campsite, you don’t need to share anything because each site has a separate table, bear-proof container, fire pit, and others. So, it makes the campsites costlier.

Besides, some campsites provide all essential items and packages for the campers. These kinds of all-in-one facilities also make it expensive. Personally, I don’t like this kind of service and I would like to arrange everything by myself while going camping. So, I prefer avoiding such facilities as well.


How Much Do I have to Pay for Camping in A Site?

Well, first let me answer a particular question about the campsite expense. Some of my friends have a question about why some campsites in a certain region are more expensive than others. Don’t you think it is natural? Just think about the house rent in New York City and in a village in an underdeveloped country.

The more beautiful and popular the region is, the more expensive it will be for the demand issue. So, you have to face varieties of expanse costs on campsites depending on the location and region.

However, the cost per night in a campsite mainly varies based on some factors. The region is the one I told you about a moment ago. Besides that, you have to check about the peak and off-peak issues. And also, it will depend on what type of pitch you are going for.

The pick and the off-pick issues are all about the season. You must know that some campsites are especially popular in some particular seasons. So, in pick seasons, the cost is more and in the off-peak season, it will be cheaper as well.

You must know the difference between the tent and the caravan pitch as well. A tent is less comfortable and smaller in size if you compare it with caravans. So, the cost of a tent will be cheaper than a caravan too.

If you are paying for a tent during the peak season, it can be from 10 to 25 dollars. If it is an off-peak average tent pitch then it will be less than the peak one. Probably you have to pay from 5 to 15 dollars.

For a caravan, you have to pay from around 20 to 45 dollars if it is the peak season. On another side, the cost will be cheaper in the off-peak season and it won’t be more than 10 to 30 dollars.


Ways to Make Camping in a Campsite Cheaper?

Now, the question is how to reduce the expanse while camping on a campsite, right? Well, there are so many ways to reduce your expenses during camping on a campsite. Here, I am explaining some ways to save more dollars than the regular times. And I am pretty sure you will learn something tricky and get some help in saving a few dollars at least.

  • Go camping in a Group

You must be thinking about when the billing will be done separately then how can you save some money. Most of the sites charge per pitches not per person. So, if you don’t mind sharing pitches with friends or family you can save some of your dollars by taking one pitch for a few people.

  • Look for More Campsites

When you are aiming at getting a campsite for a certain amount of money then you must have to search for many places. You can miss some good locations but you can find an ideal campsite on a cheap budget. There are some budget-friendly campsites but in those places, you have to compromise some facilities.

  • Use Tents

In the campsites, there are so many facilities. They allow motorhomes, caravanning, caravans, and others. But they are all expensive. If you are determined to save some of your money then I suggest getting a normal tent. Even the normal tents offer wet wipes and hygienic tools. You can also refuse those facilities to save more dollars.

In some campsites taking those facilities are obvious. So, even if you don’t want to have to take those facilities and pay the extra dollars.

  • Have a Membership

If you go to the campsite very often for camping then the best option is to get their membership facilities by being a member. The members always get discounts in different facilities. Plus, they get a decrement in the overall cost.

Search for the Discount

Very often you see some discount on different campsites and it is for the public. Grab the offers to save your money. Again, some of the sites offer premium services for free for a certain time. So always keep your eyes open for getting a discount.

  • Avoid the Premium Facilities

If you want you can get the Wifi, game rooms, funhouse, and others at the campsite. But most of the time you have to pay extra charges to get these facilities. I know it will make the camping joyful but it costs a big amount of money. So, stay away from getting those services. You better enjoy the natural environment and discover the area in a better way.

I have already told you that premium facilities and package system offers will never help you explore nature in an adventurous way. We can call it just fancy camping. It’s because you cannot learn the difficulties in camping and have to face any challenges if everything is planned by others. 

So, if you are determined to go for a true nature exploring tour, you should do everything including packing and carrying your stuff by yourselves. It will be more adventurous and give you the true feeling. And then you will enjoy the camping tour from the core.


Final Words

So, I come to the end for today. Now, you don’t probably have any confusion about expenses on campsites. Also, next time follow the tricks to save some money than regular on a campsite. And don’t forget to share how it works on your trip. But make sure that you don’t take any risky movement to save dollars. Stay safe and healthy near nature. Thank you for your patience.