Why are Sleeping Pads so Expensive?

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Sleeping pads are an absolute must-have when you’re planning a camping trip outside of the city limits to get away from it all. Travel buffs do admit the gravity of sleeping pads, yet again some of them seem to wonder why are sleeping pads so expensive!

Do this same question have been loitering in your mind too? Care to find out the reasons which hung such exorbitant price tag on sleeping pads? Then, stay put, as we’re about to unravel the reasons in the following. We can vouch that, reading this post will get out of all your price-related quandaries. So, without any further tattling, let’s get right down to it!

Why are Sleeping Pads So Expensive?

When we asked marketers why are sleeping pads so expensive, they always respond with a one-line phrase that – quality comes at a cost. But, surely, this response isn’t enough to persuade you to splurge money on it, right? This is the reason, why the potential customers are seen to surf the Internet to make up their mind whether or not it is worth investing in it. We totally understand your concern, hence, to put your mind at ease, we’ve dug up the mysteries behind this extravagance and thoroughly discussed them for your perusal.

First of all, we all know, sleeping pads are one-of-a-kind inflatable pads that let you lay with comfort irrespective of where you are. And, after you’ve had your rest, you get to deflate the pad and roll it up into a compact size that only weighs a few ounces. Don’t you think, this exclusive feature of inflating and deflating deserves some real bucks? In addition, what adds more price to it is its subtle cushioning and optimum thermal insulation.

Besides these features, the quality construction, ultra-lightweight, puncture-proof design, quiet to sleep on the frame, and water-resistant body make it charge you a little more. However, the list doesn’t end here, to your awe sleeping pads also come with some ergonomic accessories, like a built-in pillow, pad sleeve, safe pockets for storing small items like phone/watch and whatnot. These all features work together to raise the price upward but one thing we can guarantee is that investing in a sleeping pad is well worth it. In fact, their features are so wholesome that you’re sure to get more value than what you’ve paid for it.

Do You Really Need A Sleeping Pad?

Before we delve deeper into what made sleeping pads so expensive yet worthy, let us first divulge why every camper needs one while going on a remote vacation. You know, as you cross the outskirts of the city, you’re unlikely to find any well-organized resting hotel/motel nearby. As a result, if you decide to lay on the plain ground or a thin mat for sleeping, chances are you’ll wake up with heavy eyes and a sore back. Such physical degradation dampens your exploring spirit and puts you in a grumpy mood for the rest of the day. That’s why you need to bring your own sleeping pad along with you so that you can get some sound downtime with utmost comfort.

Now, it may seem to you that the most important function of a sleeping pad is to provide you a comfortable sleeping space and that’s it. But, to your surprise, its ability to keep you warm and well-breathed during your sleep plays an even more vital role in assuring that you get the rest you direly need. While you can beat the heat of scorching summer days resting your body upon it, during the chilly days it serves you the other way round! Its unique insulation feature works like a charm under the biting cold weather that even wrapping multiple layers of blankets fall short when compared to it. Not to mention, carrying extra blankets on your outdoor trips is a way too much hassle, whereas a sleeping pad can work even better without making you carry any extra weight!

8 Reasons Why Sleeping Pads are So Expensive

Despite the fact that we’ve already given you some inklings on this matter, we can completely understand that it’s difficult to make a decision to invest in something without more details. While the benefits we’ve discussed above should be enough to convince you to purchase a sleeping pad, yet we’ll go over each feature meticulously below to ensure you understand why they come out to be a bit pricy. Excited to know the reasons in detail? Drag your cursor a little below and there you have it!

Compact Size and Ultralight Portability:

Travel buffs always strive to carry as minimal as possible on their adventures, and a sleeping pad fits the bill perfectly. Before you pump up the pad with air, it literally retains a handful size, allowing you to cram it into your backpack without taking up much space. Also, it weighs only a few ounces, putting no additional strain on your shoulder.

Fast Installing and Packing Technology:

Sleeping pads are designed with smart technology that allows you to inflate the pad in a matter of minutes. And, again let you deflate it whenever you want without including any complicated process. These efficiencies literally save up your time and energy when you’re out there and consequently they add a few bucks to the selling price.

Comfortable Laying Space:

Sound sleep is deeply interlinked with the availability of comfortable space. And a sleeping pad gets you exactly that! It leaves you with a comfy yet stable sleeping spot made of ripstop fabric with an open-cell foam layer inside. The foam layer stays completely compressed until you inflate the pad. It assures that you lay in the lap of comfort no matter wherever you’re staying. This heavenly feature makes your investment totally worth it.

Insulation Facility:

This is perhaps the most exclusive feature that a sleeping pad gets you. As you know, when we lie down on a pad that is mounted over the cold ground, our bodies started to lose heat over time, which can result in us being frozen at any time. But, what saves us from this is the insulation facility that preserves our body heat and insulates the body from the cold surface beneath to mitigate the risk possibility. Doesn’t this wholesome feature deserve some extra dollar from you?

Water-resistant Platform:

As you know, sleeping pads are directly installed on the bare ground so it is supposed to carry a certain level of waterproof quality in it. So, that it doesn’t soak up the ground dew and impart you a dampy sleeping spot. To your amusement, all stripes of sleeping pads are made with a hundred percent water-resistance quality to mitigate the possibility, which consequently pushes the price range upward.

Puncture-proof Design:

When you lie down on a sleeping pad, it must support your entire weight without being ripped or punctured. To your delight, sleeping pads are meticulously constructed to withstand this. So, you see, by purchasing this you’re not only getting the oomph but also some really impressive quality! So, why wouldn’t it be a bit pricey?

Quiet to Sleep on Frame:

Imagine hearing creaking noises while sleeping in the midst of wild nature! Isn’t it going to creep you out? Also, having to hear a squeaky sound every time you move during your slumber clearly lessens the quality of your sleep. Thanks to the sleeping pad engineers for incorporating such a technology that ensures that no matter how much you move or put pressure on the pad, it doesn’t create any annoying noise. And, consequently, this assurance again raises the price higher.

Other Accessories:

Speaking of other accessories, first, we’d draw attention to the feature – a built-in pillow. Pillow is essential that we can’t replace when we’re rooting for a sound sleep. But, carrying a pillow is apparently unyielding, but with a sleeping pad, you won’t need to carry one. Again, when we sleep, we prefer to keep our small priorities, like mobiles and watches close to us; but as you know they are easily misplaced, so here the sleeping pad’s built-in mesh pockets come in handy. You can store them securely in those pockets just before you shut your eyes and find them in one attempt as you wake up. Furthermore, sleeping pads come with a separate small pump that allows you to easily inflate and deflate the pad without much effort. Needless to say, these features are amazing and accordingly they are also responsible for the extra cost.

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Final Thoughts

Before reading the article more or less we all knew, sleeping pads are expensive, but little did we know the reasons behind. As, this article extensively explores all the valid reasons that are likely to cause the expense, so after going through this, you must be well informed about the question that once dwelled in your mind- why are sleeping pads so expensive. Now, if you’re convinced to get your hands on an apt sleeping pad then we’d recommend you to pick one between the two models Cascade Sleeping Pad with Pillow and X-Lounger Sleeping Pad with Inflatable Pillow. Both of them are outstanding in terms of quality and performance. Thus, whichever you pick, you’ll win! So, hurry up and place your order to become a happy owner soon.