Winter Camping Activities: 40+ Things to Do in Winter Camping

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Camping in the winter can be as overwhelming as camping in the summer breeze. If you are concerned that the cold and snow may ruin your experience, then my friend you are on the wrong side of the boat!

Having a proper fun proof plan beforehand can literally escalate your experience to another level. To help you out, we have rounded up 40+ winter camping activities. So, without any further chit-chat, let’s get straight to the fun things to do while camping in winter.


Winter Camping Activities For Kids

There are tons of fun things to do when it’s cold if the right guidance is provided. To ensure the most memorable camping experience of your kid’s entire life, you might want to follow some of these lucrative activities:


kids walking in snow

Roam around your surrounding

Kids usually love taking small walks to the nearby park, so why not take them for an adventurous walk around the campsite?

Keeping them caged within that tent won’t be quite a justified thing to do. So, wrap up your kid in warm layers of clothing and, head out for a quality time walk.


Observe footprints

While taking a fun stroll around the campsite, you can provide your kid with the opportunity of getting to know animals. How? Well, in some winter campsites or any camping spot amidst the wild, many winter animals roam during the night leaving their footprints.

If you are lucky then an early walk in the morning can get you the opportunity to get to see some of these footprints. It’s one of the great winter activities for preschoolers.


bird watching winter camping

Look out for birds

Another prominent way of getting your kids to know animals is by looking out for birds. All this requires is a pair of binoculars. Whenever you spot a clear sky, get your kids a pair of binoculars and accompany them in this cold weather activity. To elevate your experience grab a bird dictionary and recognize the live winter birds with bare eyes.


kite flying in winter

Fly your kite high

Kids and, kites are the perfect match. The colorful and, differently designed kites attract kids’ attention. Moreover, in winter the cold wild breeze is perfect for flying kites.

Therefore, next time you head out for winter camping be sure to grab some kites. Not only do kids, but this also acts as one of the best winter camping activities for adults.


Collect woods before it’s too dark

Kids don’t really have to do tasks that have no contribution to the whole camping experience. They can aid you to do small tasks here and there.

This might include collecting woods for the fire. This might make them feel significantly important in the winter camping experience. You can accompany them in this task or provide them with proper guidance.


Narrate ghost stories

Camping without ghost stories is similar to camping without a tent. That’s impossible, right? As kids have the most imaginary minds, they can narrate the most interesting ghost stories.

Get everyone in a round circle, then keep your kids on the stage for presenting their well-mastered stories. This has to be one of the best things to do while winter camping.


campfire in snowy winter

Campfire songs are way better than concerts

Did you know that kids have are great song idols? Their vocals are not only limited to the typical poems, they can sing great songs too!

With or without musical instruments you can simply encourage those little birds to chirp. These little songs can be the way to make winter camping more fun.


Winter Camping Activities For Adults

Who said winter camping as an adult isn’t fun? There are a trillion fun activities that you can perform easily that is sure to provide you great joy! Starting from the winter breeze to the winter camping games: it’s all meant for you to rejoice! Still, confused? Then the following list is just meant for you, camper!


ice fishing winter camping

Ice fishing is a must

Ice fishing is most observed in movies. You see a person sitting on a stool looking hopelessly in the deep and, cold ice water. To your surprise, this isn’t the real deal!

Adulting means gaining a ton of patience for the upcoming obstacles of life. Well, ice fishing during winter camping can assist you in gaining patience. Not only that, the sudden joy for a successful baiter is surely to enhance your entire camping experience.


tent setup for winter camping

Set up your own tent amidst the wild

The whole winter camping experience can only be collected through performing all the little tasks like setting up the tent. As the tent is the main element of camping, the role of setting up the tent is also quite essential.

Moreover, when it comes to winter camping making sure that you have properly insulated the camp is important. Without a doubt, this is the classic cold-weather activity out there.

Usually, this takes up to about 10 minutes or so. Although the setting up time varies with the type of tent you are using. The result after your hard work is sure to make you proud.


making a sled for winter

Make your own slide

On winter camping experiences sliding is the most hyped-up activity among the other winter camp activity.  But why limit this hype to only the activity of sliding? Why not make an attempt at making a slide or sled of your own; completely self-customized.

You can make it from any large object that resembles a large log. Do make sure that it’s strong enough to keep up with your weight. Decorate it as your heart desires and, you are good to slide!


sledding in winter

Sledding will make it all more adventurous

Now that you have your sled ready who not head for some thrilling experience with sledding. This fun activity to do while winter camping will only require you to slide downhill on snow. Can you imagine the thrill? Along with adults, these are also a popular option among other winter camping activities for kids.


winter hiking in snow

Have you heard of snowshoeing before?

You might realize that this is one of the common winter camping activities during winter camping. Snowshoeing literally means cross-country walks over the snow wearing snowshoes.

It’s just taking a walk on the ice using a specified type of shoe. These shoes help in distributing your entire body weight evenly. This aids with the smooth motion on the snow.



Learn snowboarding

You can consider it as the cousin of water surfing as it’s quite similar in traits. There are snowboards for this special activity. The main aim of this one is to stand on a snowboard and, slid down a hill covered with snow.

There’s nothing to worry about as the board will be attached to your feet. Do keep in mind that snowboarding is in fact quite difficult for beginners. But as you start to get the hang of it, there’s nothing halting you from balancing the board perfectly.

There’s nothing to be sad about if you are not yet known about it. Just keep on practicing it this winter, and as next winter camping comes you shall be a master.


dog sled pull by dogs

Try dog sledding

Just like sledding, dog sledding also involves sliding through the snow but here as the name suggests, dogs are involved! How? They are the ones pulling the sled. This can be considered as one of the most extreme winter camping activities out there.

However, for adults who are willing to look for new adventures and, are trying to seek new experiences; this should be the right opportunity. Next time, do try it out during your winter camping.


Winter Camping Activities for Couples

Winter camping as a couple can be the most romantic thing out there. There’s something about the chilly weather that heats things up. Yet, being stuck with boring winter camping activities can be a mood killer. But fear no more, as the following activities should be enough to keep the two love birds entertained!


couples skiing

Skiing is a necessity

Skiing together can be an efficient method to roam around the snow-covered kingdom at your desired speed with your partner. Gliding on snow on a pair of wood runners can go a long way in making your winter camping experience mesmerizing.


Ice skating never goes wrong

Ice skating doesn’t necessarily have to be a sport. It can also be one of the fun things to do when it’s cold as a couple. All this requires is an ice surface and, a good pair of skates. Although it does require practice. You can simply learn these harmonic steps with your partner while enjoying the best winter experience.


hot baths winter camping

How about a hot bath amidst the cold?

Natural sources of hot water or thermal spring can be found in many winter camping areas. If they are not an option then a hot water bathtub will also do the trick for this one.

Spending quality time doesn’t always mean that you have to spend all your time together. In this case, bathing together does seem quite absurd. But, this actually provides you the leisure of being together in peace.

A little moment to chitchat with your better half. This one might not seem as much adventurous as the others but it is for sure one of the most romance-friendly winter camping ideas out there!


Cook your own meal

It’s a fact, Cooking together increases the bonding in your relationship. When you cook together you seem to corporate as a couple even more. Furthermore, during winter camping it’s important that you cook your own hot meals to keep you energized.


sun set in winter

Don’t miss the chance to watch the sunset

After a long exhausting winter camping day, sitting side by side on a bench or in a tent and, watching the sunset is indeed a bliss that you can experience.

That too with someone you love is irresistible. As a plus point, in winter evening the view of the sun slowly drowning is better than any other thing. Keep your eyes on the sun’s movement and, grab the best view seat possible. You can add a glass of champagne to spice things up!


Stargazing is a must

After the sun, stars are the only things couples desire to venture on when it comes to winter camps are stars. Most of them do this with their bare eyes.

Sitting together on a cold winter night outside the tent and, figuring out the patterns that a group of stars form is the dream of every couple. Why miss this great winter camping activity under the open sky?


winter couples walking in snow

Capture those moments

Memories are an immense part of our lives. We actually live for those memories. As a couple, it’s always important to keep those memories intact in frames.

Therefore, next time you head out for your winter camping activities don’t mistakenly leave the memory maker in the tent, lovers! Winter activities for kids, adults, or any person can also be stored in pockets of memories inside a digital camera of any sort.


Winter Camping Activities for the Family:

Camping as a family can sometimes be chaotic. The desires of each member of the family can and, will vary. However, there are few common grounds involved here. Here’s the answer on how to make winter camping fun as a family.


winter hiking

Head out for a hike

Hiking is the most crucial element of camping. The surrounding during winter camping is indeed quite beautiful. You can observe this beauty by hiking.

Hiking with your family makes the experience even better as the family bonding time is more than usual. As a plus point, you get to experience the incredible weather as a whole family.


Embrace nature through your eyes

Hiking just not only means walking endlessly through the woods. It requires your attention. You won’t believe it, but attention increase when you observe together.

Each member observes something new and, exciting. Later, that individual points it out to the others. That’s how you even observe the smallest of the details. You see, being together as a family can never act as an obstacle while enjoying the best winter camping experience.


Give a shot at treasure hunting

The perfect answer to how to make winter camping fun is a treasure hunt. This activity requires the players to find hidden objects placed at different locations following a bunch of clues.

This is great for playing with a large number of people, as the fun intensifies. The more the people, the more the rush. Each member of your family will absolutely love this winter camp activity as it revolves around gaining a present.


snow mobiling

Get things heated up with snowmobiling

As the name suggests snowmobiling means to move on the snow. In this case, a motorized vehicle is used. Snowmobiling doesn’t require any fixed tracks.

Moreover, you can hire many snowmobiles to fit everyone in your family. This can be an exciting experience! But this is not the ideal winter camping activity for kids. As it somewhat deals with danger, therefore, it requires a high amount of protection.


Add snow golfing to your to-do list

Snow golfing is basically golfing on the snow. If your family is used to playing golf on holidays then why not give them the chance to golf during winter camping! As it requires many players, all the members of your family will be able to participate in this innovative winter camping activity.


winter camp fire

Build your campfire

A campfire is a must when it comes to winter camping. Enjoying the campfire is not enough, you have to make it come to life together. Divide the work for building the campfire equally among your family members. Some will collect the woods, others will chop it while the other lits it up! This all requires teamwork.


Treat yourself to some smores

When you have a bonfire at hand then why not make some smores! Anyone can make that chocolaty marshmallowy goodness. They can never go wrong. Always keep them in stock as it’s always preferred by everyone, even the elders in the family


Indoor Winter Camping Activities:

Winter camping doesn’t always necessarily revolve around outdoor activities. Enjoyment can also be obtained indoors. There are actually tons of indoor fun things to do when it’s cold. You just need to keep an eye for those that will keep your soul and, body happy and, working efficiently! Here are some of the ways to keep your activity buds satisfied:


Yoga will definitely warm up your soul

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to boost up your positivity on cold winter camping days. Although this is not among the common winter camping ideas, it is sure to infuse a warm spirit within you. Not only the soul but your body will also be benefited equally.


Build yourself a hammock

If your tent is large and, the poles are enough strong then you can try building a hammock. Tie the two ends of the hammock to two sides of the tent and, your hammock should be good to go.

In winter, due to the coldness, it is not practically possible to built a hammock outside, therefore indoors is the way to go. You can escape from the cold outside. Moreover, sleeping on a hammock can be more fun than sleeping on the floor. Remember to check it before you jump in first.


Grab an exciting book

As we all know that books are a man’s best friend. So, why not include them in your winter camping activities? Grab a cup of warm chocolate milk and your favorite book for the best indoor winter camping experience.

The heat inside the tent is sure to keep your mood concentrated on your favorite book. Moreover, as there are numerous options of books to choose from there is no scope for boredom. You can always find a book that suits your mood. Just remember to hit your local library to lend some books before heading out to the campsite.


card games

Try your luck at card games

Card games are a classic. You can never go wrong with playing card games. Card games have a wide range of selections for you. Starting from the trick-taking games, shedding games to solitaire; you get what you ask for.

Besides a warm mini heater, playing card games in warm layered clothes are one of the great winter camping ideas. Moreover, even two people can play card games and, there’s each type of card game for all age types! It’s absolutely a win-win situation for campers who are willing to stay amidst the warmth indoors.


The perfect time to do some knitting

First of all, knitting isn’t only for grannies. Knitting is the traditional work of a delicate pair of hands. You can knit anything: from mittens to a whole sweater and, in any customizable form as you want. It is a great winter activity for the night just before heading to sleep.

This relaxes and stabilizes your brain. Furthermore, you will get to wear a sweater that you knitted for just yourself. What could be better than the warmth of a freshly woven sweater on winter camping days?


Play truth or dare

There is no possible way that you haven’t heard of this game yet. Although this is not specifically intended to fit in the category of cold-weather activities, this will for certain keep you entertained indoors during winter camping.

All of the participants sit in a circle, one spins the bottle, the individual towards whom the head of the bottle points to has to choose between truth or dare. Sounds fun, right? You can spice things up by assigning interesting tasks or another winter camping activity.


Winter Camping Games to Play:

Winter camping doesn’t reach its completion until some games are involved. When talking about camping games nothing beats the good old ones. This section of the article involves all the exciting game ideas that you should try out this winter!


Who’s up for a snowball fight?

No matter what age group you belong to, a snowball fight is a mandatory part of winter camping. Bashing your opponents with a snowball and, having them hit back at you is as fun as it sounds. This doesn’t require any extra elements like other winter camping activities so it’s the most played one of them all.


ice sculptures

Turn your imagination into sculptures

Like the previous one, this one also relates to snow. In simple words, the sculptures can range from the effortless snow angles on the show floor, a simple snowman to ice sculptures consisting of great details. It’s all up to your desire.

The procedure of making these snow sculptures is as amusing as seeing the end product. Again, there’s no age limit on this game. So get your hands dirty on the snow.


Pillow passing is a tradition

Pillow passing is seen in many gatherings. People play it with great amusement. Mot only does this involve music, but also involves prices which makes them more appealing. Therefore why not include a pillow passing tournament in your next winter camping activities


board games

Boards games can be great time passers

Apart from card games, board games are also very enjoyable. There are numerous options here also. You can choose from Cheese, monopoly, scrabble to Ouiji boards. There’s each one to fill each of your demands. They can also be played with multiple players and, also indoors or outdoors!


Playing horseshoes can be fun

This simple yet fun game requires four horseshoes and two throwing targets. The person who throws horseshoes to the stakes gets the points. This fun throwing game can keep your body warm. Although this one is not among the typical list of fun things to do when it’s cold.


Shadow games never get old

Confused regarding what are shadow games? They are as simple as anything can ever get. You will just need a light source which can also be a small torch or the flash of your smartphone.

On a white screen, let the light hit and, then you will be able to utilize your own hands to create the shadows. The shape of your shadows can be altered by using your fingers in different patterns. You can get others to guess the shadow you have made!


Make snow slides

Your winter camping spot deserves to be as playful as any other playground. You can accomplish this by making your own snow slides. Although using a snow slide during cold weather doesn’t sound much logical yet it will surely be worth the effort. All you have to do is take plenty of ice and, shape it like a slide and, you are good to play!


Final Words:

After thoroughly going through this article, you must have recognized all the fun things to do while camping in winter. It actually doesn’t require much effort to make the most out of your winter camping regardless of your age ground. So, head straight for the snow fortress, campers!