50+ Incredibly Delicious Winter Camping Food Ideas

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We all have to agree to the fact that camping in the winter does call for a lot of food to shovel down your mouth. This is generally because you need a lot of energy to keep yourself working properly and keeping warm.

But, that doesn’t mean that food has to be boring, it can be whatever your appetite desires. Hold your camping stove as we tour you through winter camping food ideas that will get your mouth drooling.


Winter Camping Breakfast Ideas:

The most important meal of the day is considered to be breakfast. Before starting off a day full of adventures you must intake all those yummy energies to keep your engine rolling. Here are some breakfast ideas to brighten up your chilly days:

winter camping breakfast ideas


Sandwiches are a life savior

Sandwiches have always been at the top of all quick breakfast ideas. All you have to do is carry some bread and, few components like lettuce, any type of meat and, sauces for the dressing. A sandwich is sure to keep you full for a long time. Moreover, they don’t require long cooking procedures or any stove!


Try some granola

Granola and, milk is the best breakfast combos out there. Packing granolas into small containers won’t take up much space and, it’s easy to make in any amount. Just remember to soak the granolas in milk for few hours. As a plus point, carrying small milk boxes will save up on your backpacking weight.


Overnight oatmeal

For all the campers out there who want a hazardless breakfast, this is it, folks! All you have to do is soak the oatmeal in milk to soften them up and, you can enjoy them in the morning or when you want. Moreover, you can prep it from home to carry to the camping site. If milk seems a little bland to you then add cinnamon powder to spice things up.


The fancy yogurt parfaits

Nuts and, yogurts can go a long way! Fresh or dried fruits are a must during winter camping as they can be consumed as easy snacks. However, chopping some nuts and, fruits and, mixing them with yogurt can make plain yogurt really delicious. This is as effortless as an effortless breakfast can be.


Who wants some pancakes?

Pancakes are a classic. You can whip up some warm pancakes drizzled with honey or maple syrup with any ingredients in just a few minutes. During winter morning, the warm and, soft banana, chocolate, vanilla, or any pancakes are sure to satisfy the soul. Moreover, they can be made by anyone. What can be a more pleasant way of starting a cold day?


A classic skillet breakfast

Who said that you can’t eat like a king when on winter camping? A skillet will come in handy in this case. Grab some eggs, bacon, beans, and, bread and, you are all good to feast. These are items that will surely keep you energized. The sizzling of the bacon and, eggs will get you all in the camping mood.


Porridge: A hearty breakfast it is

Porridge is the best option to provide you with a full stomach and, to keep you feeling full for a long time. It requires few ingredients only which you can easily store in containers. As a plus point, you can also opt for spicy and, sweet porridge according to your mood. Just a few spices can warm up your stomach.


How does campfire French toast sound?

As previously mentioned, bread can be a really handy ingredient when it comes to winter camping as it consists of carbohydrates. Eggs, bread and, milk should be in your winter camping baggage as it can offer the best comfort breakfast: French toast! Using a pan you can make yourself a plate of hot French toast to soothe your hungry appetite.


Burritos are absolute gold

Just imagine a roll filled with all the delicious ingredients and, sauces out there. You don’t make to worry about rolling out the outer layer as there are readymade tortilla packets out there that you can grab from any supermarket. You can also add the leftover of the previous night in your burrito to make it extra tasty.


Monkey bread foil packets

Readymade stuff is used a lot in winter camping foods. They are added with other fresh ingredients to enhance the taste. So why not try this one which only requires cinnamon rolls, butter, and a foil. Remember to cover them up properly with aluminum foil so that the steam or heat doesn’t escape. After that place them on the stove and, it should bake on its own.


Breakfast muffins

Who hasn’t tried breakfast muffins, right? A muffin made of eggs, fresh vegetables and, crisps of bacon is a camper’s dream. You can cook them on fire too. This will provide you the right balance of proteins and, nutrients needed to get your body fueled up.



Bagels are morning staples. They can be used in any sort of way in your food. Why not let them in your morning meal? Pair them up with avocados, some mayo, bacon, beef, eggs, or just plain butter; they are bound to taste divine. Moreover, they carry a lot of calories which is pretty much needed on winter camping.


Protein bars

Don’t confuse these bars with the store brought ones. You can make these protein bars easily using granola, seeds of any type and, a binder. The plus point is that they can be stored for a week or so, therefore, you can have as much as you want during your whole winter camping experience. They are good as portable breakfasts.



Eggs and, breakfast have been together since ever. They can be boiled, fried and, poached. Scrambled eggs go well with everything and, can also be enjoyed individually. They require no to fewer ingredients except the egg. Plus, eggs are easy to carry during camping and, great energy providers. Furthermore, they don’t take much time to cook too!


Winter Camping Lunch Ideas:

While hiking, fishing, or just enjoying the view, you might feel the urge to eat your lunch. But, having a really filling lunch can make you feel clumsy and, sleepy in no time. Therefore, go for options that are easy to have on the go and, also enough. Here are some ideas to ease up your winter lunch:


winter camping lunch ideas


Peanut butter sandwich

Who said that sandwiches are only for breakfasts? You can enjoy a good piece of a break with your favorite spread at any time of the day. The sandwiches can be packed up in boxes and, carried to where ever you want. They are filling and, light enough to keep you going through wintery noon.



Talking about spreads reminds of hummus that you can enjoy anywhere you like. You can enjoy hummus with freshly cut vegetable sticks and, also with crackers. Store-bought hummus is good enough to consume but if you want you can make your own hummus at home and, carry them to the camping sites. The taste of hummus will definitely keep you active during the adventures.



Who doesn’t like beef jerky? The taste is really appealing and, if eating enough can make your stomach full. Furthermore, they are really easy to store without the aid of any refrigerators. You can simply get them at the local store or make them yourself at home before heading off for camping.


Stacked crackers

Crackers can somewhat be used as bread. You can sandwich them up with butter, a slice of cheese, a piece of ham or peanut butter, and jam. They are bite-size which doesn’t take much time to devour and, store in tiny boxes. You can save up your valuable time by having this delicious cracker for lunch.



Unlike the morning burritos, these wraps are rather on the lighter side. You can grab a cold tortilla, spread your hummus, add some type of meat or just load them up with vegetables. They are light and, also healthy for you. Plus, you won’t be needed to carry any type of stove or pans to make these tasty wraps.


Spicy sandwich

Rather than making the sweet peanut butter sandwich, you can also get your hands on this spicy tuna and, chicken sandwich. As you can guess you will be needing bread, tuna, and chicken strips.

Spread a generous amount of mayo and, place the other components on top to enjoy this delicacy while ice fishing or hiking. If you want to take it to the next level or have the time at hand then you can toast the bread with butter to make them toasty before serving.


Lettuce sandwich

As the lighter your lunch, the lighter you will feel during the activities, it’s preferably better to opt for something healthy. Why not grab a lettuce sandwich or wrap? Instead of using bread or tortilla, try wrapping the ingredients with fresh lettuce then enjoy it like a normal wrap. We promise, that they will be as tasty and, filing as your normal sandwiches.


A fresh bowl of salad

Salads are always the best option when it comes to portable and, healthy food. You will most certainly need those nutrients to keep yourself on the move. You can prepare them beforehand, by placing the vegetables and, fruits in a storage container and, placing the sauce in a separate bowl. They stay good for a long time. If you can’t get your hands on homemade salad then why not buy readymade store-brought salads.


Granolas to the rescue

Granolas don’t only have to be part of your breakfast as you can enjoy them as a small lunch between your heavy morning and dinner meals. Mix the granolas with anything you like which can be fruits or honey or even milk. They will not fill you up to your mouth but will be enough to keep you from the thought of slipping into hunger.


Winter Camping Dinner Ideas:

Now that you have got your hunger compromised at lunchtime, you surely deserve to reward yourself with a wholesome and, comfort dinner that will take away the exhaustion from the entire day. All this aside, it’s important that you eat till your stomach is full to provide your body with enough energy to keep it warm during the harsh cold camping nights. There’s no need to stress as in this next section we stormed down great dinner ideas for those roaring tummies.


winter camping dinner ideas


One-pot meal

This one-pot meal is sure to get the kids and, elders excited. All you have to do is mix some beans, cheese, tomatoes, and beef in a pot and, get the fire started. It is obviously a whole healthy meal to make in the winter. Moreover, you can reheat it whenever you want.


Try out new chili recipes

It’s a fact that chilis are the most preferred meals during winter camping. The beefy delicacy makes anyone’s mouth water up. Making a bowl of warm chili with a piece of bread or nan is going to give your tummy the heavenly experience. Moreover, there are tons of recipes out there for you to try according to your ease. Take your own twists, chili things up, people!


Campfire stew

Stews are absolutely a must when it comes to camping in the winter. The silky stew and, all the yummy ingredients like meat, potato, beans, or even apples are sure to make your camping dinner a super hit. You can make the stew using any type of spice you prefer and, reduce the stew until the right consistency is reached. Furthermore, there are curry cubes that you can find in any Asian grocery store that will make your work easier.


Shimmering Soups

After stew, the next warm goodness that comes to mind is soup! A warm of thick and, creamy soup. Well, it can be any type of soup like clear soup, tom yum soup and, even corn soup! You can add chickens, shrimps, or even beef to make your soup more filling and, add more flavor.


Chicken buns

The thought of making a hot, flaky piece of bun with hidden chicken goodness inside is irresistible for everyone. So why not bake some chicken buns on the wood fire itself? You can use store-bought dough and, an easy chicken filling to get the work done.


Chicken and, potatoes

Yes! The heavenly match has finally arrived. This chicken and, potatoes are really easy to cook up in a skillet or any type of pot you have at hand. You can put simple seasonings and, still get the best taste out of the chicken.


Pesto pasta

Plates of pasta are an all-time star. They are filling, tasty and, can be made with any type of ingredients. The easiest and, delicious one is the pesto pasta. Buy a jar of pesto sauce from your local store and, stir it with some cooled pasta. This will give you a good amount of carbohydrates to keep yourself warm.


Roasted beef

Imagine cutting the tender meat of the beef with just a fork and, enjoying the juicy liquids with some homemade bread. Yes! That’s absolutely a camper’s dream come true. Don’t worry about having to use ovens as you can put the chicken in the pot and, leave it on the fire to simmer until it gets fork tender.


Pot pies

We all have had chicken pies in our lives but whatever pies made in a pot? Sounds interesting, right? Well, it actually is. Make a tasty chicken curry then cover it up with ready-made dough and, leave it there to bake. After the cooking is complete you should be left with a great smelling pot of chicken or beef pie.


One-pot spaghetti

One-pot spaghetti recipes can be seen a lot throughout the internet. You can find many out there that will surely give the Italians a headache but will be enough to satisfy your taste buds. As always plan before, don’t leave out the ingredients and, you are all good to go for a hearty and, tasty dinner.


Foil roasted chicken

If you don’t want to wash any pans then try out foil roasting. If you are known to cooking then you might be familiar with the technique of foil cooking. Just wrap the chicken in foil then let it roast on the fire until it’s tender and, juicy. There’s absolutely no way to get this one wrong.


Baked potatoes delicacy

Just like baked chicken, baked potatoes can also be a delicacy to loath over. Let’s be real, who doesn’t like potatoes! Baked potatoes are sent from heaven. After simply baking them in foil paper over the fire you can add butter to enhance the taste or even rosemary to elevate the flavors.


Layered salad

Who said that salads can’t be filling enough to be eaten at dinner? Salads don’t have to be about the basic vegetables as you can add any sort of proteins or sauces to take it to the next level. Another level to elevate your salad is to layer them up according to the ingredients and, them mixing them up. This doesn’t only look beautiful in a crystal bowl but will also change the camper’s thoughts on salads.



Another great easy filling dish is the meatball. You can make them from store brought ground meat or you can just make them beforehand and, store them in a freezer. But the addition of these meatballs to any form of carbohydrate like spaghetti, pasta and, even bread.



When talking about meatballs why leave out the good old meatloaf. They are an all-time favorite and, are easy to make as you can make it in just one pan under the fire. This also can be eaten with any type of bread or even a bowl full of rice.


Sausages and beans

Another classic combo! The advantage of using these beans and, sausages is that they can be found at any supermarket and, stored for as long as you want. They neither take much prep time as they are mostly canned and, don’t need much time to be cooked fully. Dump some sausage and, beans in a pot stir until you like the consistency then you should be done.


Cheese and, meat board

If you are in a mood for something posh yet very filling then why not give this a shot? It requires zero to no cooking and, is also pleasing for the eyes to see. If you load the board up with enough cheese and, meat then there should be sufficient meat to keep you full for the cold night.


Taco’s on the go

Tacos are the go-to item everywhere. You can make the taco filling beforehand, the later steps can be done by the other campers such as assembling the tacos with the fillings that they desire and, topping off with a splash of ranch sauce.


Mac and, cheese

Finally, let’s end the dinner menu with the easiest item out there: mac and, cheese. Well, mac and, cheese are found everywhere, a typical single pack can feed up to two hungry people. It’s another great one-pot recipe and, literally ever-green in terms of taste.


Desserts for Winter Camping

Now, that we have the wholesome meals covered up why not treat your sweet tooth before calling it a day? Here are some easy dessert ideas for the sweet tooths out there!


campfire cooking



Winter camping without making smores is absolutely criminal. You can’t miss having these delicacies on cold campfire nights. Smores are mainly marshmallows and, chocolate roasted on the campfire. A never-ending classic!


Caramel popcorns

Another on-the-go dessert is caramel popcorns. Warm crunchy popcorns covered in a thick layer of caramel are every winter roamers’ dream. You don’t need much to make this as they only require corns and, sugar! But do be careful; the popcorns can sometimes get violent and, jump into your eyes!


Roasted marshmallows

If you have ever been camping then the taste of freshly roasted marshmallows surely dwells among your taste buds. It is as simple as it sounds. If you want to end your winter campfire then roasting some marshmallows and, campfire songs are the best way to go.


Snack Ideas for Winter Camping

When it comes to camping means is not the only time you feel hungry, during unusual times the rage of hunger can strike in too. That’s when snacks come into the rescue! Here are some easy premade snack ideas to help the rats in your stomach vanish.


Cup noodles

There’s no better alternative to quick warm snacks than cup noodles. You can carry them anywhere. Whenever you feel hungry just warm up some water and, treat yourself to a cup of warm spicy noodles.


Roasted nuts:

Not only are roasted nuts nutritious but they are also really tasty. You can get a wide variety of nuts out there with really great flavors like spicy, wasabi and, even caramel coated. Grab yourself a few packets of any types of nuts that you prefer to before heading out for winter camping.



Unlike normal bread, cornbread is denser in texture. It keeps you full for a longer period of time. Like the other snack options, this one can be found ready-made in general stores, however, you can also make this at home then store them in small containers to take to the camping site. Don’t worry about the taste as they are pretty good and, can be eaten with a lot of other things.


Protein bars

A list of winter camping snacks without protein bars is unimaginable. There’s a reason behind it though, the amount of energy the mini protein bars can provide you is beyond good. There are several kinds of protein bars out there and, they are also affordable. Keeping that in mind you can store up to a lot of these bars in bags to have during hikes or any other activities.


Beverages Ideas for Winter Camping:

It’s essential to acknowledge that food for winter camping also includes beverages. Staying hydrated is as important as keeping yourself full. Getting dehydrated can be the cause of a lot of diseases.


Warm water

It might not seem much, but believe it when we say that a lukewarm glass of water will feel like a piece of heaven on earth during winter camping. You can boil water until it gets bubbling and, keep it in an insulated bottle to keep it warm but drink it after a while so it doesn’t burn up your tongue.


Hot chocolate

The most anticipated drink during winter! Hot chocolate! There’s no single soul in this universe who can resist the warmth of a hot cup filled with sweet-smelling hot chocolate on a very wintery camping day.


Final words:

The wisest thing to do while winter camping is planning everything beforehand, especially the meals. After scrolling through this delicious list of 50+ winter camping food ideas, you should get a good grip on what to keep in your camping menu! Keep it as convenient as possible and, you should be all good to go, campers!